Will ‘The Sims 5’ be released in 2022? ‘The Sims 4’ Roadmap Accidentally Leaks Wedding Game Pack


  • Fans have been waiting a long time for EA and Maxis to announce “The Sims 5”
  • Neither EA nor Maxis have said anything about the highly anticipated game
  • It was confirmed in April 2021 that the next generation of “The Sims” game is underway

It’s been almost eight years since “The Sims 4” was released, and fans are wondering if the highly anticipated series will finally launch this year. Other than that, it looks like Maxis and Electronic Arts are gearing up to release another game pack for “The Sims 4” based on the information from the game’s roadmap.

It was April 2021 when EA’s studio head Laura Miele confirmed that “the next generation” of “The Sims” was fine. In progress. However, official news about the most anticipated game went silent afterward.

In December 2021, “The Sims” reported that a number of gamers are enjoying “The Sims 4” and claims players spent 1.2 billion hours playing it and 146 million hours in Create a Sim mode.

The roadmap mainly focuses on new releases of The Sims 4 that we can expect for the next quarter. Photo: The Sims Community Info

Since its release, “The Sims 4” has received 11 expansion packs, 10 game packs, 18 item packs and nine kits as additional content and thousands of new mods. With the number of gamers still enjoying the game and the plethora of mods and DLC released in the current game, it seems like EA and Maxis are still banking on the success of “The Sims 4”.

Releasing a new game might overshadow the success of the current game, which is not a good move commercially. With no official announcement from EA and Maxis, it’s safe to say that the team might not be rolling out the most anticipated “The Sims 5” just yet while they still have a slate of “The Sims 5″ content. 4” to cast.

Meanwhile, the game developer recently shared the roadmap ‘The Sims 4’ content set to launch in 2022. Titled ‘Simthing to Celebrate’, it includes a new game pack that throws a party for love, two dynamic kits that celebrate Fierce Design, the gift of collaborations unique in-game and out-of-game communities and free global food items to round up Sims.

One of the texts written in the announcement of the roadmap mentioned “a game pack that throws a party for love” with images of couple rings and wedding cakes are in the context. This apparently hints at the possibility that the game pack will focus on weddings.

Game developers already confirmed that this content will cover the first three months of the year. So, fans can expect the supposed wedding game bundle to be available in March 2022.

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