Why the next game will probably be better

The Sims 4 is one of the most controversial games due to various reasons such as gameplay and content. The Sims The community has been divided since its release in 2014, with many longtime fans disliking it and newcomers finding it welcoming and easy to get to. However, more recent serious gameplay issues have led many to hope that EA will give up. The Sims 4 and switch to The Sims 5 for a fresh start. It’s not a bad idea either, since The Sims 4 didn’t really have a foundation built on the franchise, and starting from scratch could redeem the series.

The Sims 4 It’s been around for eight years now, and while there’s no shortage of content, its core gameplay remains at the same level as when it was first released. In many cases, this is a major step up from previous titles in terms of detail and how much players get for their money. However, most of these issues stem from the fact that it was not developed as a traditional single-player game. sims game, but was intended to be an online experience.

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The Sims 4 began as “Project Olympus” and was in development as an online spin-off where players took control of their created Sim and interacted with other players’ Sims. There was supposed to be a chat function, additional social skills instead of regular skills, player bundles, and more than usual sims features such as random events and an active world have been removed or removed. This all happened just before the release of SimCity 2013one of the biggest failures the game has seen in a long time.

SimCity 2013 essentially destroying the franchise in part because of its online-only gameplay and broken multiplayer modes. This botched game led EA to reconsider the whole idea of ​​releasing an online-only game sims Game. However, the release deadline was approaching with about a year remaining – not enough time to fully reboot such a complex game. Instead, the developers chose to rework what they had and recreate a main entrance, which became The Sims 4.

The main parts that remained were Create-A-Sim, the Emotions system, and Build/Buy mode, all of which needed to be refined. Other features such as AI, Traits, Events and Aging had to be added at the last minute which is why many features that had been staples in the series were missing at launch and why the gameplay seems lackluster compared to previous titles. The Sims 4 was never meant to be a real one sims game, but was hastily converted into one. It was a major mistake, but from which we can learn lessons for the future.

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sims games are large and complex with various systems and AIs all of which must be handled by either the game or the player. If there should be a The Sims 5it must be constructed as a sims game from scratch so you have the right single-player game with the craziness, spontaneity, and detail that Sims fans love in the franchise. With the evolution of technology in recent years, there is a lot of potential for The Sims 5 in terms of neighborhood capabilities, Sim behavior, and new systems.

Whereas The Sims 4 still plagued with bugs and gameplay issues, there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful for the future of the franchise. If EA learned and The Sims 5 is developed as intended for the franchise from the start, it has the potential to be a great addition that takes what previous games did well, fixes what its predecessor got wrong, and takes gameplay to the next level.

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