Why People Still Love The Sims

During the game, you control a Sim or a family of Sims who live in a house or apartment, go to work and build a career, make friends, fall in love, get married and have children, go on adventures and finds himself in the most incredible situations. Like previous parts of the game, The Sims 4 has no end goal – you can choose whatever you want. But this game will definitely not bore you, so be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours in it every day – it’s really addictive.

Quite often, gamers have created a virtual copy of their real-life family and friends in-game. Has your boyfriend hurt you? It doesn’t matter, for example, in The Sims, you can bring his virtual copy into a room and remove the door from it in build mode, and then enjoy how he runs around an empty room looking for a toilet. Someone lived a real life in the game – got married and divorced to get away from trouble. However, if you really have a divorce, then we advise you not to take revenge on your virtual spouse in a video game, but to resort to the help of a lawyer. A divorce lawyer will help you through this difficult process with dignity. No matter what country you and your partner are in, there is divorce lawyers in dubai, Sydney, Paris and any other city. The help of a lawyer is very useful if you plan to take legal action to raise children or divide property. A professional lawyer will help you not to spend extra budget and achieve your goals.

Regarding the Sims 4, the wedding is going well. There is a commitment and vows to the ark and a whole event with tasks. But you might be surprised if we say that in this game you can even get divorced. It is clear that the event is quite unpleasant and the developers did not dare to dwell on it. There is a mod called “Realistic Divorce”. This mod changes the whole concept of divorce in Sims 4. After installing the mod and launching the game, Sims will have a new menu interaction – “Request Divorce”. As soon as you apply for it, a new option will appear in the mailbox (to send an application for divorce), that is, to send documents to the competent authorities. This procedure is chargeable (preparation of documents), but you can do everything yourself and then you don’t have to pay anything. You will then have to wait a day or two before the procedure is continued. Again, you need to go to the mailbox and pick up the documents.

In Sims 4, love and marriage are possible not only between a man and a woman, but also between Sims of the same sex, and even between a human and another creature (vampire, mermaid, angel of death, etc.). ). This is another reason why people love this game. To form a personal relationship with a Sim, you need to perform romantic actions (compliments, flirting, giving gifts) towards them. Relationships work best when both Sims are in a “naughty” mood. A marriage proposal makes sense when Sims have had the best possible romantic relationship for a long time. If successful, you can have a wonderful wedding. If the Sim is rejected, they will become very embarrassed and you will have to pull them out of their depression.

Players start a family and have children (they can also be adopted). They can build a family tree that displays all generations of the family.

People also like the place where the game takes place. Instead of a single town, there are several small places filled with houses, as well as shops and places of entertainment. Many things have been simplified as much as possible – for example, commuting.

The Sims 4 has a powerful character creation editor. It includes a large number of appearance options and allows you to save the character in great detail. The characters also started to behave much more realistically.

The game also has a ton of add-ons which increase its appeal and popularity.

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