Why game packs and kits are the worst additions to the series

More The Sims 4 players get excited when new content is announced because it means new things to work with when creating builds or new Sims. This time around, however, many more are disappointed by the “It’s Lights Out” announcement. This is due to the little content the reveal trailer showed and the fact that players will receive even more packs and game kits instead of a new expansion. This is all the more proof that The Sims 4The DLC levels of have gotten out of control. While there are more spending options, this ultimately means players will spend more on less content.

The Sims The franchise has always been known for releasing lots of expansions, even before the practice of DLC was widely used. While some called them a money grab, others were happy with the content they got for their money. Item packs and other purchasable items were introduced later, but nothing added to the gameplay, making them all highly optional. However, The Sims 4 completely changed everything with its overhaul of the DLC structure.

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Initially, The Sims 4 had the same type of DLC (Expansions and Stuff Packs) as the previous games, but in 2015 the first Game Pack was added, outdoor retreat. Containing a smaller amount of game content and fewer items for a lower cost, game packs were introduced as a cheaper alternative to expansions. Although it sounds like a good idea, the cost isn’t really a huge difference and the gameplay is hit or miss. The content included in Game Packs is usually self-contained and in some cases adds next to nothing. For example, spa day adds exactly that, spas, which are community lands where most of the new gameplay is contained. Others, however, like Kinship or Vampiresadd a lot of things for players to do in the normal game.

However, things quickly got confusing when some Stuff Packs started adding gameplay as well. It started with minor additions like making ice cream, but soon started to include things like the Knit skill and the ability to craft knitted items. Stuff Packs were no longer just for items. In some cases, Stuff Packs contained content normally found in expansions. The first case was that of scary stuff Pack, which included Pumpkin Carving, a gameplay that was previously part of the Seasons expansion. Bowling has also become its own Stuff Pack instead of being part of Meet or another extension as in the previous entries. Things only got worse from there.

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Kits have become the next step in the division of The Sims 4 content. They have become the new Stuff Packs but add much less at a much reduced price. They were originally planned to include minor gameplay content, but that seems to have been scrapped after Break the dust problems encountered. This level has only been around for a year, but there are already 13 kits. Meanwhile, the number of releases for other tiers has decreased – one per year compared to two or three. It’s probably because it’s much easier to pump kits cheaply than to create a lot of content for things like expansions. This is also why The Sims 4 the players are in arms again.

Distributing content means players get less while having to spend more. For example, content included in The Sims 3family expansion, Generationsis instead divided into different packs in The Sims 4. To get a similar amount of content, players will need to purchase the Kinship game pack, toddlers stuff pack, My Marriage Stories game pack and the children’s room Stuff Pack – which is more than the cost of an expansion. EA’s latest update shows it has no plans to slow down content slicing, and The Sims 4 players are fed up.

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