Who is the Night Specter?

The Sims 4 is not in itself a scary game. On the contrary, the series tends to add a goofy edge to many of its horror elements. It definitely works for the vibe that The Sims strives, but it also makes the actual scary moments all the more surprising. Between disturbing phone calls in The Sims Along with the haunting mysteries behind some of the game’s NPCs, there are a surprising number of chilling secrets hidden within the life simulator franchise.

With the addition of the realm of magic expansion pack, The Sims 4 spells and curses reintroduced into the proceedings. Magic has been a common theme for many expansion packs over the years and is almost always a very powerful skill for Sims to learn. magic in The Sims 4 is no exception, however realm of magic attempted to slightly bend the power to cast spells. Curses are debuffs that can have a huge impact on a Sim’s life, with one particular curse standing out above the rest.

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What is the curse of the nocturnal specter in The Sims 4

A curse that can afflict Sims is known as the Curse of the Night Wraith. The immediately obvious downsides are that a Sim’s energy level will drop dramatically and they won’t be able to fall asleep, leaving the Sim permanently exhausted. The description of the curse implies that the inability to sleep is due to them being stalked by a mysterious figure. Players probably won’t notice anything like this at first and assume the game is simply providing an explanation for why the Sim can’t sleep.

However, when night falls, players may notice a haunting figure appearing on their lots. It’s the Night Wraith – the mysterious figure the curse description alludes to. The Night Wraith is a ghost that appears to have died of old age. They have a gruesome face and glowing eyes, the latter of which is a unique visual effect exclusive to the Night Wraith. While the Sim is afflicted with the curse, there is a chance the Night Wraith will appear each night.

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What We Know About The Sims 4 Night Specter

Not much is known about the Night Wraith. As mentioned earlier, the ghost’s gray color implies that it died of old age. However, the actual cause of death is still uniquely listed as “Night Wraith”, thanks to an exclusive trait that cannot be added to Sims without a cheat. This trait is aptly called “Night Wraith”, and it’s what gives the Specter its glowing eyes and cloudy aura. Another interesting fact about the character is that he is always sad.

The Night Wraith will always have Villain and Vile Traits, although they will also have a randomly selected trait. If the Night Wraith NPC is somehow removed from the game, a new Night Wraith will spawn in its place. Oddly enough, the NPC also suffers from the Curse of Repulsion, which turns his skin green and causes Sims watching the Night Wraith to vomit. Outside of this basic information, there isn’t much known about the Night Wraith. Where they came from, who they were before they died, and why they torment Sims are all left to speculation.

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How to Get Rid of the Night Wraith Curse in The Sims 4

While the Night Wraith can certainly look terrifying, it’s actually quite easy to get rid of the curse that invokes it. The Curse of the Night Wraith is no different from other magical curses in the franchise. Brewing a curse cleansing potion or using the Decursify spell are two easy ways to cure curses. When it comes to full curse prevention, Sims can get the Hexproof perk to ensure they will never be cursed again.

For how strangely haunting the Night Wraith is, its curse is incredibly easy to expel. Yet the Night Wraith is a strangely haunting secret find in a sims game, especially considering how the game alludes to the existence of Night Wraith. He’s almost treated like an old gaming Creepypasta that may or may not exist, though players who find their Sims inflicted with the curse will quickly discover that the Night Wraith is more than just a legend.

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