What we want to see in future expansions

The world of sims is, most gamers would think, jam-packed. And yet, even with so many expansion packs, there is still so much missing that could be completed and expanded upon in future material.

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Since the release of The Sims 4 In 2015, gamers lamented the lack of content. So taking all of that into consideration, this list will pull together some things from previous games, as well as things that fans have always wanted to add to the series. Hopefully players can explore these avenues in the future. The Sims 4 expansions.

ten Agriculture

The Sims 4 Birds and Rabbits Feature

Since Living in a cottage pack is out, Simmers everywhere are craving more rustic content. Many have created many other mods that assuage their need for farming, but many fans are still looking for more farming content.

Farming simulation games are huge – just watch the story of the seasons and Stardew Valley notoriety. Same animal crossing gave in and added selectable plots. If a farming expansion pack were to come out, it would surely be glorious. and well received among the fan base. Sims could grow their own food and live sustainably, start a business, and more. Also, if players don’t want to put their thumbs up, they don’t have to!


9 Threats

sims 4 burglars

Maxis is unlikely to choose to release it as a pack, but something gamers have sorely missed in previous games is crime, burglary, and other threats. Gone are the days of having a heart attack as a scratched burglar sneaks onto his property. Many gamers miss the suspense this feature has added to the game.

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There are no emergency services in The Sims 4, except if we count the medical career in Set to work expansion. It used to be that half the game involved keeping Sims safe and avoiding crime and house fires, but now there’s nothing nefarious except Don Lothario (and, with the proper pack installed, the occasional vampire ). Many gamers are begging EA to bring some level of threat back to the sims.

8 Transportation Options

sims 4 cars

Yes, Sims can walk and run between plots, or take a cab. But many gamers find it boring. Previous games had cars, as well as vacation-specific taxis. Even the bikes! To fit a bike the The Sims 4, players need the University Pack. It seems absurd that in 2021 there are still no cars available for use in Sims 4.

Sims badly need more options for Sims to travel. A bus or public transport system would be great, or even something smaller like skateboards or roller blades. There might even be different transportation options for different neighborhoods to complement the different thrills.

7 Color wheels and customization

sims 4 color wheel

It’s no secret that The Sims 4 took a huge step back from other games, in terms of content and character creation. A facet that was omitted when jumping between Sims 3 and 4 is the ability for true customization.

A new pack could reintroduce the color wheel and other customization options, to allow players a fully immersive experience. Being locked to less than 15 hair colors can really limit the creativity of creating a Sim, and many furniture swatches currently don’t match. Despite all the other improvements, it was a huge negative that still affects the popularity of Sims 4.

6 traditions

sims 4 goths

Another cornerstone of the Sims franchise is lore: the stories, the characters, the buildable plots, and the deep dives into families’ pasts. Unfortunately, that’s another thing that’s a little thin in the fourth iteration.

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A new pack similar to Sims Stories extensions of old would be amazing. With new stories, families, and characters, the possibilities would be endless. A pack like this could bring back key characters from previous games. Maybe they’d be in a new neighborhood with a story for every household and plot points to complete.

5 Arcade rooms and games

sims 4 game setup

The Sims 4 is very focused on the minutes and the little things that Sims can spend their time doing. With packs like Bust the Dust, Tiny Living, and knitting-themed additions, it’s clear where EA’s priorities lie in terms of game creation.

With that in mind, a great addition would be an arcade and gaming themed expansion! There are some great PCs, game consoles, and tech out there, but it could so easily be expanded. Simmers could create entire arcades and arcades, like so many others have done in real life.

4 A sandbox neighborhood


Another missing feature that disappeared as the series progressed was sandbox neighborhood creation modes. The Sims 2 had the ability to create as many neighborhoods as players could imagine, choosing the terrain, laying out the roads, and adding decorations. A new expansion with a sandbox creation mode would add so much to the latest game.

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Players would even just place free land in existing neighborhoods, since there really aren’t many options for building a new mansion. Previous games had many more options than The Sims 4 could and should bring back.

Speaking of neighborhood customization, the shopping aspect is a smaller element that could really use some updating. With the Set to work expansion, stores can be created and businesses run, but compared to real-life offerings, that’s all a bit thin.

Many players would like a mall expansion, or even an outdoor shopping district like the old town of Sims, Where Downtown in The Sims 2. the Set to work the expansion introduced retail to the game, but aside from having a crate and property, there weren’t too many things players had to comply with. A resurrection of Open for business is definitely needed.

2 More pets

The game already has cats, dogs, fish, and frogs that players can catch outside, though they don’t do anything. All in all, it’s a pretty boring selection for such a huge game. Although dogs can look like foxes, the options are very limited.

A good case for a new expansion would be exotic, or simply Continuedpets. Sims 3 had horses, The Sims 2 had worm rats, and sims had talking parrots. Many believe the latest game is sorely lacking. Imagine: lizards, gerbils and more. Living in a cottage added some farm animals, but they’re not quite the same.

1 Outdoor stuff

The Sims 4 Pool Update

Exterior expansion packs are a big one. Gamers want stuff for backyard activities, pools, parks, picnics – the list is endless. Right now there are trees and bushes and a few fountains, but a real outdoor pack could add a lot. So far, the only exterior pack players really get is the specific outdoor retreat expansion.

From skateboards to streetlights, from street signs to swing sets, Sims need attention for their outdoor spaces. A revamp of parks and outdoor meeting spaces is overdue. Players want fewer small stuff packs and more additions out of the house.

The Sims 4 is available now.

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