What to look for in a wedding venue

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories lets you create and use all-new wedding locations for your Sims to get married. It also introduces a range of new decorative items as well as additional activities you can do during wedding celebrations, from toasts to slow dancing. With all of these options, it can feel overwhelming when you open some of the wedding venues, even the game’s default options.

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How many tables do you need? Where can you put a cake? Do you need specific items to make the day go well? We answer all of these questions and more as we explore everything you should look for in a place and the design features that will help your day run smoothly.


Wedding Venue Essentials

SIMS 4 tartosa weddings default location

There is a some basics you’ll need for any wedding venue, and we go over them in this quick checklist, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll need and the functionality of each new item.

This guide is pretty much what to check for at wedding venues. You will need to purchase a wedding cake and flowers from the stalls in Tartosa.

A wedding arch and chairs


the Most important of these bases is the wedding arch. There are several options available to suit your needs, and you won’t be able to marry off your Sims without one – unless you run away to Tartosa Town Hall of course.

Wedding arches are the backbone of your ceremony, and you need to make sure to leave some space around them. Your Sims will be standing by the arch to get married, so make sure you leave enough space to take those photos without other Sims getting in your way. To keep the guests in line, you can also add chairs which should allow you to ask all of your guests to sit down, minimizing the chaos caused during the vows.


sims 4 buddy wedding flower walking wing

The driveway will be mark where your Sims will walk if you want them to go down to the wedding arch. Having a walkway will also allow you to dispatch your flower friend, who will spread petals as you walk.

Sims can descend alone or in pairs, and you can have a marked, invisible, or carpeted walkway, allowing you to change the design depending on the venue you’re using.

A Toasting Celebration Bucket

The Sims 4 wedding piano toasts and tables in the venue

the toasting celebration bucket can be added to any surface, including the barrel seen here, and allows Sims to have a drink and make a speech or give a toast. If you have added any of these activities to your day, you will need this item to complete them.

Be sure to select the bucket that comes with the pack, rather than the champagne bucket that comes as a reward for a successful date! Only the new version contains the interaction.

Banquet chairs and table

Sims 4 Wedding Seating and Entertainment

Next, your Sims will no doubt want a meal, and you’ll need to provide one if you want to check off the holiday meal and dessert activities from your list. The easiest way to do this is to use a banquet table.

These tables can be filled at random, but the best way to ensure you can feed your guests is to click on the table and select individual dishes. This allows you to manage the amount of food that comes out and ensure main dishes and desserts are available.

Drinks and dancing

Sims 4 Wedding Bar and Outdoor Dance Floor

The final ingredients of a good night out are drinks and dancing. If the place has a bar, you can hire a mixologist for the occasion, and you will need a dance floor to dance.

There are new dance floors in the pack, but all options now include the ability to ask Sims to do a first dance, slow dance, or group dance. It gives you variety and entertainment.

Somewhere to put your cake

Cutting The Sims 4 Wedding Cake

If you want to cut your cake, you’ll either need to buy a cake or make one and click on it in your inventory to set it as your wedding cake. Similarly, you will also need to buy a bouquet before the wedding if you want one.

On site, you just need to make sure that there is a clear surface on which you can place your cake to cut it. A counter or table are the best options, although barrels also work.

A tea service

Sims 4 wedding tea

In a nod to different celebrations, there are now two immaculate new tea sets. Sims can brew and serve a variety of teas using these sets. This not only makes it easier for you to drink tea in a group but also to serve drinks to others.

This activity can be added to almost any celebration and can only be completed with the new tea sets. The existing tea infuser does not have the serving options.

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Tips to make the day go well


Having all of the above will allow you to tick activities off your list, if issues allow, but there are other things in a location that can affect gameplay. Here are the things to look for:

  • Make sure there is single wedding arch or your guests may end up splitting between two areas, which we encountered in the default wedding venue.
  • Place your toasting bucket, tea set and cake in a accessible place, so your Sims can reach them all easily. In the middle of a table works well for this.
  • Add one source of music at your meeting place. Dancing without music is no fun.
  • Hire a mixologist. Well worth the money as the day will go more smoothly.
  • Place manually banquet table dishes. This gives you control over food volume, budget, and options. This is also useful if you have vegetarian Sims.
  • To leave space between elements. Sims will mingle, and the tighter the space and the larger the number of guests, the harder it will be for them to head to specific activities.
  • Check the place in build and buy mode, especially if downloaded from the gallery. It’s a pain trying to add items during the event, so you’ll want to do this beforehand.

Once you’re sure your site has everything you need, plan an early start. This gives you plenty of time to account for stragglers and get everything done.

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