Werewolves are finally back in The Sims 4

EA has finally confirmed that the Werewolf expansion is coming to The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 Werewolves game pack – releasing on Steam, Origin and Xbox on June 16 – brings “unique temperaments and abilities, being affected by the phase of the moon, and experiencing wolf-specific life events “.

This will be good news for Simmers who may have been disappointed that Werewolves weren’t part of the recent update, despite EA’s teasing that Werewolves might finally make a return to the game. series for the first time since The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion.

“What big teeth you will have!” EA teases. “Transform into a werewolf and embrace (or fight) your animal nature.

“Create your werewolf identity. Were you bitten or were you born into a werewolf family,” the description continues. “Anyway, now you have to decide what kind of wolf you want to be. Find a pack to roam with at night, meet your destiny companion atop Howling Point, or avoid it all and try to become a lone wolf.

“There’s a lot to learn about werewolves and their origins. Discover the lore of werewolves, vampires, and spellcasters by reading books, discover secret tunnels, expand your collection, and interact with the inhabitants of Moonwood Mill.”

The Sims 4’s long-awaited customizable pronouns feature arrived earlier this month and is now available as part of the English version of the game’s latest update.

Developer Maxis confirmed it was investigating ways to introduce expanded pronoun options to The Sims 4 last May – following a community petition signed by over 22,000 people – and players got their first look at the feature progress during a livestream earlier this year.

And now, with a little extra development time under its belt, Maxis has pushed the first iteration of its customizable pronouns feature — developed in conjunction with LGBTQ+ nonprofits It Gets Better and GLAAD — live, offering what he calls a new step “in the direction of a more inclusive experience for Simmers.”

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