Vote to express your point of view on abortion; The Sims will stand up for women’s rights


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Vote to give your opinion on abortion

All Pennsylvania residents deserve the right to have the family they want. We cannot know another person’s life well enough to decide for them whether or not to have a child. We cannot know their economic, medical or social support status. The right to make this decision privately is currently the law in Pennsylvania. But Republican lawmakers and all Republican gubernatorial candidates support eliminating or limiting reproductive freedom in our state with, among other proposals, a Texas-style 6-week abortion ban and a constitutional amendment banning the procedure.

Democratic candidates and lawmakers support bills that maintain the confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship and allow a person to decide what happens inside their body. The recent Supreme Court leak indicates that federal protections for the reproductive freedom of Pennsylvania residents may be disappearing.

Whatever you believe in this debate, it is very important that you vote in the primary election on May 17 to ensure that the candidates who support your opinion will be on the ballot in November so that you can vote in the general election. Dont forget to vote !

Kathleen O’Connell, Lemont

The Sims will stand up for women’s rights

Experts tell us that if the Supreme Court goes ahead and overturns Roe v. Wade, this won’t be the end. Many of the other rights we take for granted are based on the right to privacy that the Court is about to decide does not exist.

Having protests, signing petitions and writing letters like this feels good, but will it change anything? What we really need to do is elect leaders who will fight back.

Democrats have a chance to elect Brian Sims as Lieutenant Governor. Brian is a civil rights lawyer specializing in women’s rights. He is a fighter who stands up to the Republicans. I met him a few times. He is compassionate and he really cares.

I vote for Brian because I know he will defend me. Do you want to join me?

Abbey J. Carr, DuBois

comedy in politics

Hiring a comedy writer is not really necessary. All you need is the CDT and a bit of patience.

In Thursday morning’s print edition, Jake Corman gets a Governor Commendation from Rick Santorum. “He never backs down from a fight.”

In Thursday’s noon email, Jake Corman is leaving the gubernatorial campaign for the second time.

Isn’t it time to stop paying attention to Santorum? In Corman? To one of the Republicans?

Save the nation, stop the madness. Vote for the Democrat.

Don Heller, State College

Much at stake in the Pennsylvania election

The pursuit of democracy and equal rights in America has always faced challenges. Since its founding, there have been systemic and structural failures that have affected generations of Americans. And while we hoped for progress, we are now seeing regressive and harmful laws being put in place across the country.

With the rise of violent white supremacy, voting restrictions targeting marginalized communities, and laws directly targeting transgender children and their families, we are rapidly moving backwards rather than forwards. And now the Supreme Court seems set to take a hammer on precedent and personal liberty, denying women the right to make decisions about their own bodies. That alone is devastating. But make no mistake, the cancellation of Roe v. Wade opens the door to further legal attacks on other rights and freedoms.

Without federal protections, state legislatures play a crucial role in ensuring equal rights for those within their borders. And with the GOP-held Pennsylvania General Assembly, we have already seen proposed discriminatory legislation that would disenfranchise millions of Pennsylvanians. This is unacceptable.

I feel the disillusionment and frustration that so many of you feel. But I am inspired when I see our community rallying for equality. That’s why I’ll be voting on Tuesday 17 May to make sure those who stand up for human rights go to the polls in the November general election.

Your voice is in your vote. I hope to hear yours.

Paul Takac, Lemont. The author is a Democratic candidate for PA House District 82.

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