Upcoming Sims 4 kits will bring clutter and pastel decor


The Sims 4 Reveal Pastel Pop Kit and Daily Clutter Kit

In a press kit, The Sims 4 officially confirmed the Pastel Pop Kit and Everyday Clutter Kit, which will be coming to the game on November 10. The Pastel Pop kit focuses on pastel patterns and irregular shapes, while the Everyday Clutter kit includes scattered household items that can be used to display a Sim’s personal hobby or passion.

two to come The Sims 4 Kits were revealed in a leak and would be titled Daily congestion and Pastel color with a focus on in-game setting. Kits have always had mixed reactions from players – past The Sims 4 Kits have disappointed players with their lack of interactive items, but some fans appreciate the new items and clothing that the bite-sized DLC brings to the game. Kits are the smallest size DLC available for The Sims 4containing a handful of special themed clothing or furniture.


A Tweet from the account TURBOCONDUCTOR (Going through Sims Community), a popular modder, has revealed the name and several images of two upcoming The Sims 4 Kits. The new kits would be titled Daily congestion and Pastel color, with images of the former showing rooms filled with items like stacks of books, jewelry organizers and office supplies, and the latter featuring rooms in light pink, purple and blue hues. Currently, no release date has been given for the kits, nor have they been officially confirmed by EA yet.

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The Sims 4 is unlikely to learn from past kit mistakes

Sims 4 Decor To The Max Decorated Room Kit.

Although the kits serve their purpose of providing very specific sets of new items that fans have been asking for for a long time, like new The Sims 4 children’s clothing, as a whole Jerseys have always lagged behind when it comes to delivering what players really want. One of the biggest pitfalls of Kits, aside from their small size, is the fact that their items are largely entirely cosmetic. For example, while a kit containing children’s items might have been one of the most successful in the series, the small campers The kit fell flat as the items were only useful cosmetically.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to change for kits anytime soon. Kits quickly became the most common The Sims 4 The release of DLCs largely because of the ease with which EA produces them. New items and clothes released on their own, without the need to create new animations for them, are a great way to quickly and regularly release new content for the game – however, most The Sims 4 fans would prefer bigger content updates. While the recent Behind the Sims Summit presentation announced that two expansion packs – the largest DLC size – will arrive in 2023, as well as an updated life stage for infants in the game, these more significant additions are still a long way off.

Of course, as with all leaks, it’s important for gamers to wait for an official announcement from The Sims 4 team on these new kits before they form too strong an opinion. However, the source of the leak is considered to be entirely credible with The Sims community, and the images shown resemble those that usually come with new kits. While it’s unfair to say these new kits won’t appeal to any player – especially one focused on clutter, a favorite type of scenery for The Sims 4 designers – they probably won’t elicit an overwhelmingly positive response either. For players who have recently arrived The Sims 4 after it goes free, cheaper DLC versions can be a good way to foray into additional content for their game, but most The Sims 4 gamers will likely be waiting for larger releases to come in 2023.

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Source: TURBODRIVER/Twitter (via SimsCommunity)

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