Underrated Base Game CAS Mode Elements

The Sims 4 was recently made available for free, which will surely bring many new players to the franchise as well as many others who haven’t played in a while. There are many objects and methods for creating a Sim that will be unfamiliar to players who have not seen any of them. The Sims games recently.

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While some of these options and items available in the “Create a Sim” mode are purely cosmetic, others affect gameplay and will intrigue all types of players. From fun traits to new genre options, The Sims The franchise is constantly updating CAS to keep it as fresh and inclusive as possible.


gender choices

The Sims has always been ahead of other games in keeping up with societal changes, and as the LGBTQIA+ community became more aware, they added more options such as asking “how is this Sim going to dress?” and “Can this Sim get other Sims pregnant?” as the player passes, create a sim, instead of just asking what gender the sim should be set to.

On top of that, there are also options that were previously only available to one “gender” or the other in the game which, with these new options, have been made more readily available to all Sims. These additional options could help make the game extremely appealing to many potential new players who feel marginalized by the lack of similar options in many other video games.

Kleptomaniac Trait

For the most part, a Sim’s traits do not massively affect the actual gameplay a player will encounter. Mood swings due to how they feel about certain situations are more common with traits. For example, an introverted Sim may be bored of having to spend a lot of time socializing. A Sim who hates children will obviously have a bad time if they are around them frequently.

A trait that more directly affects gameplay is the kleptomaniac trait. While stealing things in real life has many negative consequences, this doesn’t seem to be the case in-game. While on the go, Sims will steal various items and bring them home, seemingly without it ever being a problem. It can be useful and fun to see what they bring home next.

The Scary Walk

Something that seems fairly innocuous and unimportant to the gameplay of The Sims at first glance, it’s how every Sim chooses to roam. From confident strides to sleek legs, there are a number of choices that many players, especially new ones, may miss when scrolling through the options in CAS mode.

However, there is one particular walk that can be found at the bottom of the options list, and it’s both a pretty slow way to get around and a particularly hilarious way to make the Sim stand out while they’re moving. . The “Scary Walk” can only be described as looking like something out of an early zombie or vampire movie, and it’s an absolute blast that will amuse many gamers.


While body hair has never been a completely unknown concept in The Sims games, a recent update provided the opportunity to put a lot more choice around this particular feature in the hands of gamers. Create a Sim has gained a lot of options over the years since The Sims 4 was released, but body hair has been one of the biggest cosmetic updates in years.

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The option to give hair even to characters that primarily appear or are meant to be female was a much appreciated decision. While some gameplay options like shaving are only available through the “High School Days” expansion pack, most body hair cosmetic options are available to players in the base game.


The Sims also has an incredibly clever option that makes it much easier for players to create an entire family in CAS mode. Genetics is the DNA symbol that will allow players to create a parent of another Sim. Once the first Sim has been created, players can use this option to spawn other Sims that resemble that Sim’s family members.

Whether players want to completely design each Sim in the house to be unique or not is up to them, but the genetics option is great for providing players with a quick way to get more immersed in creation. of realistic families for their gameplay.

Story Mode

An amazing and quick option to get through CAS mode for players looking to get straight into the game is the story mode option. This allows players to answer multiple questions about their Sim and create one using some randomization and aspirations and traits that the questions lead to.

Story mode is a great choice for players who don’t know where to start when creating their own Sims, or players who want a mix of design and randomization of their Sims. It’s a great option that helps a lot of players.

be a vampire

One of the most intriguing and gameplay affecting options in CAS Mode is to make a Sim a Vampire. Obviously, Vampires are a little different than normal Sims, whether it’s feeding on other Sims’ “plasma” and avoiding sunlight or sleeping in a coffin and being able to transform. in a bat.

It’s not the most vanilla of gameplay options, but it can create hilarity and extremely entertaining storytelling for players. It can also end in the horror of a vampire Sim feeding too much on other Sims, but it’s a hugely exciting and varied gameplay option for new and old players alike.

The Sims 4 is now available for Mac, PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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