TOWIE star Chloe Sims dramatically dumped Pete Wicks because ‘it’s disrespectful’

Chloe Sims has revealed that she has unfollowed Pete Wicks on social media as they are no longer on terms and it wouldn’t be fair for future partners to keep in touch with him.

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TOWIE: Pete Wicks tells Chloe he got his name tattooed in 2021

Chloe Sims shocked her fans when she drastically deleted Pete Wicks from her social media.

The couple’s on-and-off friendship and love interest has long been a key storyline of The Only Way Is Essex, but now it seems to be firmly entrenched once again.

Chloe, 40, deleted all snaps of the pair from her Instagram and said she did so because it would be “disrespectful” to future boyfriends if the photos were still online.

Despite the revelation, she stopped short of saying whether or not she currently has a new man in her life.

Addressing Again! Magazine, Chloe said: “There’s no major reason. We don’t have a friendship or a relationship – not in a bad way, we just broke up.

“I think in the future, it’s disrespectful to someone who I might date or who they might date to get all these pictures.

Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks don’t talk anymore


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“I really wasn’t doing it in a mean way. I shut him up for a long time and just didn’t want to have him there anymore.”

She went on to admit that they weren’t on bad terms, just “not on good terms” and confessed “it is what it is”.

In the TOWIE series finale in November, Pete revealed he had Chloe’s name tattooed on his hand. At the time, Chloe was overjoyed, but it seems that feeling didn’t last too long.

During the episode, fans watched as Chloe covered her face with her hands in shock and gasped, “How did I not notice that? Oh my god! That’s so sweet!”

Earlier this week, Chloe opened up to OK! about her regret about having her daughter tested for autism and ADHD.

Chloe shares Madison, 16, with ex-fiancé Matthew and had her daughter tested for autism, as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as she suspected her daughter could ‘probably’ have it both conditions.

Chloe and Pete were best friends

But she now believes it was the wrong thing to do.

She told the publication: “I had it assessed and it was a possibility, but we never followed through. Now it seems to be all over the internet. I probably shouldn’t have been so open to it. the time.

“It was a mistake on my part because now we get asked all the time, but we don’t talk about it anymore. I just had her assessed when she was seven, and they said potentially, that’s it. “

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