Top 10 Worst Things Redditors Have Done

Electronic Arts has made no official announcement regarding The Sims 5 development, however, there are several rumors that indicate the possibility of its release, and fans are very excited about the new features the game might add. Players expect the life simulator to offer the same freedom of choice it has shown in previous titles in the franchise.

Most players use this freedom to decide the colors of the walls they paint, build strong relationships with other sims, and have a successful family or career, but others appreciate it because they can do evil without no kind of punishment or remorse, and they share their stories on Reddit.


ten Locked up a guest at the party

Dead Sim near Grim Reaper

Some people enter other people’s homes and behave as if they are on their own property. They enter rooms without authorization, touch everything and poke their noses everywhere. Most of the time in the real world, hosts can’t do much more than watch these rude behaviors, but luckily in The Simsplayers can do something about it.

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This was the case of Redditor dorothy_zbornakk who shared “I locked a guest in my room and watched her die as I ate a grilled cheese on her exhausted, pee-stained body. In my defense, it’s impolite to go to the guest’s room to use the computer.”

9 Cared for Child Protective Services

Having children is one of the most important and life-changing decisions for humans or sims. In the game, players generally love their children as much as any parent and are committed to their good upbringing. Sometimes this fails though, and when children are neglected, child protective services come to take them away.

It happened to user cstar4004, but he had none. He said “Child Protective Services came to take the kids away so I sent everyone upstairs and removed the stairs. The Child Protective Officer just stood there. “move_objects On”, and she was in the pool without a ladder.”

8 haunted orphanage

Redditor SaintBrutus commented “You are sick! Oh wait – there was this time in The Sims 2 when I… well, I really wanted to play a mean old lady in a haunted orphanage, and well… there’s only one way to do it… it’s just a video game ! STOP JUDGING ME!”

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Almost every player is guilty of killing one or two sims, but committing multiple kills for one storyline is pretty diabolical. In truth, there are plenty of players who do the same to have a spooky big graveyard in their backyard.

seven Plasma kidnapping

The Sims 4 Vampires

As most gamers know, The Sims have expansions where vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural creatures exist among ordinary people. When it comes to which bloodsucking monsters have the best way to cheat death in the game, players should choose wisely as they can be predators or prey.

On this, Redditor long_term_catbus shared “My Sims are vampires. They briefly had a couple locked in the basement drinking plasma. They also did all the laundry and did some painting. I freed them because my Sims had a kid and it’s just weird lol”.

6 Extreme gold digging

Some players work hard and reach the highest level of their careers, others play instruments for tips, but softpeachie takes on the “Sugar Daddy” challenge instead. . Assassinate them. Rinse and repeat.

This might be the fastest way to get rich in the game and buy expensive cars and houses, but it’s definitely not necessary to kill older sims, considering they are in their final stages and will soon be run by the Grim Reaper anyway. If players decide to be gold diggers, the right thing to do is to be patient about it.

5 Flirting Revenge

Redditor’s Tankgirl85 recalled “Married to a sim, he asks me out on a date, I arrive on the scene and there he flirts with a ghost named mimsy.” It’s hard enough to be cheated on with another woman who’s alive, but for a partner to sacrifice a romantic relationship for someone who’s dead has to really hurt.

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The Redditor took it on brilliantly, and made a cabin “with just enough to survive but not enough for anyone to feel happy” and with “a fence so my sim can see/interact a bit lock him in there, have a bunch of boyfriends come into the shack once in a while to kiss in front of him and make fun of him.” She then hilariously added “I hope Mimsy was worth it” at the end, and definitely proved that revenge is sweet.

4 No more gold panning

Sims 4 Violent Murder Evil Mods

Another gamer looking for easy money shared his diabolical story on Reddit. User Bufudyne43 commented “I got a girl to divorce her husband so I can take her mansion and then I broke up with her so I can have her to myself. Not bad just being a seeker Golden.

Manipulating a sim and playing with their feelings to get their mansion is considered evil by most players, however. Love is about building trust and affection, it’s not about money. While there are the worst things Redditor could have done to get the mansion, it’s still pretty unethical. The best cheat codes in The Sims can solve any of these mansion needs and there is no need to hurt others.

3 Burn them all


There’s nothing worse than doing wrong The Sims unwittingly and taking the lives of your beloved sims by accident, as happened to a deleted user who explained, “When I was a kid, I was curious if you could actually set fire to a Sims bedroom, or if it was just a rumor, then I did this. I felt really bad.

Hours of play and multiple generations can end in the blink of an eye with the out-of-control house fires that start in the kitchen, and most gamers have suffered from this cliche in every The Sims Title. At least this deleted user felt remorse for his malicious actions and added “the screams were really haunting me, lol.”

2 Mess with the TV

A living room in The Sims 4 designed with IKEA-inspired furniture

Redditor thrashleymetal turned out to be one of the baddest players there and confessed “Sometimes when my sims are watching TV, I turn off the TV to watch them all have a fit!” to which user pmunkyandpals commented “Monster…”

TVs turned off because of a prankster is one of the most annoying and infuriating things in real life, so enjoy being a god in a virtual world, like The Sims, to perform an act of such evil magnitude is as terrible as it is hilarious. At least there are better things for sims to do in the game than sitting around all day watching TV.

1 have an affair

Sims boy and girl hugging, Sims 4 sims kissing

Redditor mm1688 gave a previous warning “you’ll all probably laugh at how pathetic mine is” and recounted “After a 52 day committed relationship, my two sims were very happy. They had a beautiful home, twin sons , two cats and were at the height of their careers, so I decided to shake things up by getting the woman to have an affair.

Business is upsetting and the people involved in it can be badly affected, and sims are no different as they can be heartbroken. That’s why it’s a good thing the Redditor explained “As soon as she finished courting ‘the other man,’ I felt SO BAD I used the relationship transmogrifier to fix it all.” “

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