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The Sims 4 offers many potential jobs and careers for players and their families. As a result, going through each career takes some time. But if players want their Sims to be more independent and become their own boss, there are several options as well.

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In addition to being independent or running the vet clinic, Sims can also start their own restaurant. While it may be difficult at first, if done right, running a restaurant in The Sims 4 can be both profitable and a lot of fun for Sims and players, not to mention restaurant patrons!

6 Be smart with money

sims 4 money

While running a restaurant can be fun, it also pays to be smart with your money. Players must decide early on how much money they are willing to invest in the restaurant as it will initially go from household funds. Another even more important thing to decide is the price markup for the restaurant.

It shouldn’t be less than 150% if Sims really want to make money. There is also the cost of advertising as Sims have to choose from several packages. All of these costs are something players need to consider beforehand and decide if they have enough money to start the restaurant or if they should turn to money cheats.


5 start small

Food Sims 4 Kitchen

As with any business, it helps to start small and gradually scale up to bigger goals. When running a restaurant, the player must start by adding easy-to-cook dishes to the menu. Each meal you can add has a set difficulty. If the menu contains hard-to-cook dishes, the chef may struggle to cook them at first, and they won’t taste as good, which will negatively impact the restaurant’s ratings.

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At the start of the restaurant, it is best to choose dishes with a difficulty level of one (out of five) that will help the chefs do a good job. As the staff work longer for the restaurant, their skills improve, but the player can speed things up by sending the staff (waitress, chefs, hosts) through training which will help them become more efficient in his work more quickly. Also, to keep employees happy, it’s not a bad idea to give them a raise once in a while. If their status drops to very dissatisfied, it’s time to give them a promotion so they don’t quit their job.

4 Don’t forget to use the perks

Sims 4 Restaurant Benefits

Both at the vet clinic and at the restaurant, using perks is a good way to take the business to the next level. As the restaurant becomes more popular, it helps to hire additional servers and a chef so customers don’t have to wait so long for service, which will keep them happy.

Another useful benefit influences the quality of ingredients which, in turn, has the power to increase the quality of meals prepared by chefs. The patient customers perk also works wonders since it will make customers more inclined to wait for their meals without lowering the restaurant’s rating. Perks can be purchased by earning Perk Points by serving and interacting with customers.

3 Open the restaurant in advance

Building an Underground Restaurant in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 offers the possibility to open the restaurant and manage it from home. Although operating it from home can result in a loss of money, it is useful to open the restaurant from home a few minutes before the owner actually goes to the restaurant. The reason is simple.

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If the Sim opens the restaurant from home, by the time they get there, the employees, as well as the guests, will already be there and the owner won’t have to wait for them to show up. This will allow a more fluid management of the restaurant and will also not cause a lag between customers arriving and employees coming to work.

2 Don’t be afraid to decorate

Sims 4 paintings

The old saying goes that people eat with their eyes too. And for the Sims, it’s true too! One option to increase the rating of the restaurant is to decorate it nicely. The nicer the place, the more likely customers are to like it and leave a good review.

Paintings on the walls, sculptures, small decorative objects, all this helps to make the restaurant more popular with diners. If the Sim doesn’t have enough money to invest in buying art for the restaurant, they can always take the art they have at home and temporarily bring it to the restaurant, or they can learn to quickly paint and put his own art in the restaurant.

1 It’s the little things that help

Building The Sims 4 Penthouse Restaurant

Managing a restaurant is not an easy task, but a few small tips can help a lot. If the owner has the time, they should use category management to check in with guests, interact with them, and make sure everything is okay. Many guests come in larger groups, so it helps to set up multiple tables for groups of three to six people.

Occasionally, a reviewer will show up in the restaurant whose rating will have a bigger impact on the restaurant. As such, it is good to give them more attention and make sure they have everything they need, even offering them the main course or homemade dessert.

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