Things New Players Should Do First

The Sims 4 has finally become free to play for all players on all consoles for which the game was originally available. While expansion packs will of course still remain purchasable, the base is now free for new players to explore.

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Those who have never played sims game before, or it’s been a while may not know where to start in this popular social simulation game. There are plenty of activities available for players even in its base game and so those who try now The Sims 4should try these things first while playing.


10/10 Create a Sim

One of The Sims 4’s most beloved features has been its create an incredibly in-depth simulation which allows players to sculpt their sim’s face as if it were just clay. Players will be first encountered with this as soon as they start the game because before players can experience life in The Sims, they must first create a Sim.

With a good number of clothes and hairstyles to choose from, there is still enough variety in the base game content to create countless different sims who all have their own identity. Not to mention the cool features that players can choose from as well.

9/10 Explore base game worlds

Before a player decides to move around in their simulation, they must first explore the three worlds available to players in the base game. Although many may initially avoid Newcrest as it allows players to build the entire world on their own, Oasis Springs and Willow Creek have a lot to offer.

Each world is filled with its own memorable residents, which some old fans of the series may remember as well as new faces. Players don’t have to worry about being trapped in their chosen world, as they can easily travel between them.

8/10 Become an architect in construction mode

Another beloved feature of The Sims 4 that has been in every Sims title has been its brilliant build mode. After purchasing a lot of land, players can build their dream home for their sim as long as they have the necessary funds.

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These houses can then be filled with a variety of furniture and decorations. By learning cheats that allow players to move objects freely outside of its grid, it will also allow them to develop their creativity when it comes to furnishing rooms.

Maybe a player feels he is incapable of make a suitable home for their Simwell with the gallery, players can explore pre-built terrains as well as sims that other players have created and shared for the community to use.

Many of these available bundles may include content from expansion packs, but there are also many base game builds that players have shared for use. Additionally, players still have the freedom to use these homes and sims from the expansion pack, as they can replace items that have been removed with others.

6/10 Embark on a new career

Living the life of the created sim players is just as important as setting them up in the first place. Once their sim has finally settled in, it’s time to think about getting to work. The Sims 4 contains a variety of interesting careers that players can submit their sim to.

Whether it’s part-time, full-time or freelance careers, there’s always something a player will be interested in. Not to mention that many careers contain promotions that a player can earn by helping their time to fulfill all the requirements of their job.

5/10 Don’t be afraid to kill Sims

It might seem morbid to try to kill those who are just trying to keep up with their lives, but The Sims 4 has a way of being creative when it comes to deaths. Throughout the franchise, sims are known to switch in various ways, and the The Sims 4 is no different.

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Players who know The Sims 4 for the first time, not only will eventually be able to see their sims die of old age, but will also attempt to cause them to die from an overload of an emotional state such as die of laughter.

4/10 Help Sims Grow

Along with getting career promotions, players can also help their sim grow by picking up hobbies and learning new skills. There are a variety of activities you can get involved in, such as painting, fitness, logic, and more.

Some of these skills can help a player earn money on the side, while others will be greatly needed when trying to improve in certain career paths. Other than that, in general, it’s fun to watch a sim who once struggled with a task to complete it easily.

3/10 start a family

A player can choose to start the game as a simple sim, seeking love and success in the world. A big goal after that would be form bonds with the other resident provided until they finally find the one they are looking for.

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It’s an incredibly heartwarming experience to watch these sims get along, fall in love, and ultimately plan a family together. Players who are incredibly attached to their sims can then play the next generation of a family’s line and watch their family tree grow.

2/10 Take on challenges

The community has not only provided builds or sims for players to enjoy, but also a variety of challenges that players can complete instead of just living vicariously through their sims. Now that the game is free, even more players can try out the more popular challenges of the 100 Babies Challenge or Rags to Riches, both of which are incredibly popular.

With even more hands on the game, there will definitely be more challenges created, or the player can create their own.

1/10 To party

Even those who have played this title for a while tend to forget to host events other than a birthday party. The Sims 4 emphasizes the importance of bonding, and it’s a good idea to take breaks from work for a little fun.

Planning upcoming social events like an elegant dinner party or a hectic house party does more than just strengthen relationships and the fun bar of the simulation as completing them at the highest level possible will reward the player with a nice surprise.

The Sims 4 is now available for Mac, PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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