These are the best The Sims 4 expansions

Although there have been endless rumors about a future version of The Sims 5, the Sims community still enjoys The Sims 4 thanks to its abundance of expansions and new content. At its core, Sims 4 is about creating a family and watching them grow, learn, and form relationships. Players love to put their beloved characters in new and exciting situations, which is why downloadable content is constantly being added to the popular simulation game.

Of course, not all extensions are created equal. Some are more fun to play than others and have more things for players to do. These are the best The Sims 4 expansion packs to instantly spice up your gameplay.

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs

The Cats and Dogs expansion was created for pet lovers, allowing Sims to bring a cuddly companion into their home. Sims can train their pets, buy them adorable toys, and use their noses to find mysterious gifts. Modders have improved the DLC even further, allowing you to have up to eight pets in your home simultaneously and have full control of them just like you would other family members. Sometimes it’s just the simple things, like watching your cat chase a laser pointer or riding the Roomba.

The Sims 4: Living in a Cabin

Want a cottagecore vibe? Cottage Living is the perfect Sims 4 expansion for a change of pace for old-school and traditional sims who want to raise farm animals, grow their own vegetables, and learn new hobbies like cross-stitching. Every Saturday, Sims can attend the Finchwick Fair where they can sell produce they canned or compete in cattle competitions. A really fun addition is also Henford-on-Bagley quests, with NPCs asking sims to shop around the town and complete tasks for rewards.

The Sims 4: High School Years

High School Years is one of The Sims newest expansions, giving Sims the full high school experience. Your teenage Sims will enter Copperdale High in a quaint town inspired by popular high school-themed TV shows. The high school years allow your Sims to go to class, enroll in extracurricular activities, design and attend a prom, pull pranks, and graduate. Everything your Sim does in high school will inspire their personality, interests, and needs going forward, making the expansion very impactful.

The Sims 4: Seasons

The Seasons expansion adds an abundance of nature to your Sims’ experience, from thunderstorms and snow to sunny heat waves. Seasons also introduced holidays and family dinners for Sims, making the game a little more festive. But like most things in The Sims 4, not everything is as it seems. Seasons also allow sims to gain lightning powers, command a hive of bees, befriend a scarecrow, grow a money tree, and have babies with the bunny. Easter.

The Sims 4: City Living

Looking for a more hectic and lively lifestyle? City Living teleports Sims to the big city, introducing penthouses and apartments to the town of San Myshuno. It is a densely populated city with a fashion district, an arts district, and festivals showcasing various cultures and foods.

City Living also offers new career opportunities for ambitious sims. You can be a politician, fight for a good cause, and give dramatic speeches. You can also be a food or art critic. Some Sims may choose to work on social media.

Why are these the best The Sims 4 expansions?

Everyone plays The Sims 4 for different reasons. Some people like to develop new skills, while others want to create the perfect family. Some just want to do the craziest things possible. This means everyone will have their own favorite extensions that cater to their specific desires. These are generally the most popular expansions due to the abundance of new content and activities they add to The Sims 4, and each is guaranteed to give Sims players something new to do.

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