The spookiest houses in the gallery

The Sims 4 the community is no stranger to spooky creativity. With entire DLC packs dedicated to the spooky and the crazy, Simmers are known for creating buildings that jostle each other in the night. The Paranormal Object Pack debuted in late January, giving simmers plenty of time to create stunning homes and plenty for others to play.

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Fans eagerly await news regarding The Sims 5 since EA has just released a new type of DLC pack: kits. But will the kits satisfy the hordes of slow cookers? One thing is for sure, slow cookers will get the most out of what is given to them. From residual replicas of real haunted houses to harrowing Halloween villages, the Sims community never disappoints.

ten The Haunted Mansion by Kate Emerald

The Haunted Mansion by Kate Emerald

Kate Emerald has created a slimy, spooky realm with her haunted mansion. Wanting to go for a simple home with a thoughtful environment, Kate Emerald fills her lot with pumpkins and eerie green lighting to set the mood. Combining elements from a bunch of different DLC packs, Kate Emerald’s build is full of little details that will make any simmer go scream. This house absoutely has the best Halloween candy, if cheaters can make it to the front door alive.


9 Haunted Victorian by SarahAmina

Haunted Victorian by SarahAmina

This classic-style Victorian home hides haunting secrets in its hallways. SarahAmina uses typical outdoor elements like grass and bushes in the wrong places to give this home an overgrown and abandoned feel.

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With cracked walls and boarded up windows, who knows what kind of adventures a Sim might have fixing this house?

8 Louisiana Estate by Misssimreno

Louisiana Estate by Misssimreno

Misssimreno takes a Southern Gothic approach to her haunted house. This area of ​​Louisiana may seem neat and orderly, but in reality, it’s a hotbed of supernatural activity. This house is based on the real life haunted houses of New Orleans. Don’t let this magnificent construction fool you, something sinister lurks within the walls of the Misssimreno building, so buyers beware!

7 Vampire Mansion by Cyberdoll

Vampire Mansion by Cyberdoll

Dark, brooding and full of coffins is this grand vampiric Cyberdoll mansion. This large and imposing construction is home to many Bloodsuckers. With many rooms to explore, a Sim could easily get lost while escaping the pursuit of a hungry vampire in these tortuous rooms. Will the sims succumb to the vampire’s dark ways once inside? Or are they just looking to live out their gothic fantasies?

6 Halloween Town by Sati Sim

Halloween Town by Sati Sim

Haunted Houses, Gothic Mansions, and Vampire Houses are small compared to an entire village. Sati Sim built a replica of the classic Disney Channel movie halloween town in The Sims 4! This charming village is both spooky and adorable. Halloween Town is the perfect build to get players into the Halloween spirit, even if the holiday is months away. This Sati Sim build is the perfect place for those who want to live spooky, but not spooky.

5 Island of the Dolls by RGR_Gaming

Island of the Dolls by RGR_Gaming

Sims can live on their own personal haunted island in this version of RGR_Gaming. Based on real dolls islandthis spooky cove is the perfect getaway for eclectic sims.

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Using the creepy doll that comes with the paranormal item pack, RGR_Gaming creates an unforgettable atmosphere that is sure to brighten up any simmering game.

4 House of Hauntings by Schnuck

House of Hauntings by Schnuck

On a dark and stormy night, players can take their sims to Shnuck’s Lair House. This construction evokes The Addams Family mansion or house of the murder of american horror story. The house has a classically haunted atmosphere that attracts sims with its familiarity. But don’t be fooled! The ghosts in this house are not Casper-like. Accustom Sims to spooky spirits or let them succumb to a grim fate in this gruesome house.

3 Abandoned haunted house by Clare Siobhan

Abandoned haunted house by Clare Siobhan

Wanting to use the recently released Paranormal Item Pack, Clare Siobhan created a abandoned haunted house it is not so abandoned by the spirits. Covered in vines and weeds, a Sim will have a hard time getting used to living here.

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Whether moving in to renovate or investigating a gruesome lair, simmers are sure to be terrified of Clare Siobhan’s abandoned construction.

2 Psychic’s Little House by Aveline

Psychic's Little House by Aveline

Looking for a house full of benevolent rather than malevolent spirits? Aveline’s little house for a psychic is perfect for players looking for a spooky and cozy genre. Designed for a psychic in love with spirits, gardening and an eco-friendly lifestyle, this little haunted house is home to friendly ghosts. Players who don’t give the spirits a reason to scare their sims will have a great time in this bundle.

1 Paranormal Stuff Pack Mansion by Doctor Ashley

Paranormal Stuff Pack Mansion by Doctor Ashley

Deliciously eerie with just the right amount of spooky, the base house that comes with the paranormal item pack is a lair worth having in your town. Built by none other than Sims YouTuber Doctor Ashley, this official release gives players a frighteningly fun experience with the Paranormal Stuff Pack. Whether players are easily spooked or always on the lookout for ghosts, there’s something for every simmer in this haunted house.

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