The Sims SpongeBob build includes the entire bikini bottom, even Sandy’s house

A Sims 4 player shared his Spongebob-inspired Bikini Bottom builds this week, featuring recreations of everything from the Krusty Krab to the Sandy Dome.

A The Sims 4 player has created an incredibly detailed tribute to the cartoon Sponge Bob SquarePants in the game, building and decorating several locations in the series. Recreating pop culture places in The Sims 4 is a popular hobby for gamers, who often design everything from famous movie scenes to classic video game locations. Having sold over 36 million copies since its release in 2014, The Sims 4 is one of the most popular simulation games of all time, with a massive creative community.

Players have a lot of freedom in the sims series, not only to control the lives of their Sims, but also to build and decorate the world around them. When it comes to recreating pop culture locations, players have plenty of tools at their disposal. Options such as roofing, cladding and custom topographic controls allow players to create unique exteriors, as well as a myriad of interior elements, flooring and wallpapers that allow for extremely detailed interior design . Since its release, many expansion packs for The Sims 4 have been released that add new worlds and items for players to decorate with, further enhancing the design potential.


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Reddit user daniellebuilds built an extensive recreation of Bikini Bottom, complete with interior and exterior designs. The post slideshow begins with the expertly designed house exteriors of Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick, which despite their odd shapes, are all perfect replicas of how they appear in the series. They also built the interior of each house, with Spongebob’s bedroom, Squidward’s living room, and Patrick’s sandy interior. The following is an extremely detailed build of The Krusty Krab set on the sandy shores of Sulani, the tropical world of The Sims 4: Living on an Island expansion. They managed to recreate the unique exterior of the restaurant, as well as all the rooms of the business. Perhaps most impressive is the user’s recreation of Sandy Cheeks’ treedome, a large transparent dome that is incredibly difficult to achieve with The Sims 4of the Build mode. Like all the other builds, this one includes classic details from the series like Sandy’s rocket ship and the tree she resides in.

Sims 4 version of the Sandy Cheeks house in the game.

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All of this user’s designs are incredibly awesome and must have taken a long time to get all the details. Obviously a big fan of the Spongebob series, the amount of work they put into this Bikini Bottom build is just amazing. Typically, such complicated builds would require The Sims 4 custom content to properly recreate their source material. Surprisingly, this group of designs only uses content included in the game itself, further emphasizing the skills of the builder.

The creative community that surrounds The Sims 4 is a big part of why the game has maintained its popularity even 7 years after its release. Users constantly share their designs, and whether they’re recreations of famous locations or original builds, they inspire the rest of the community. If other players choose to download these user-created builds from The Sims Gallery to use for their own storytelling, or are motivated to create something of their own, creativity is contagious. With all the amazing content created by The Simsit’s clear that the creative user base is a big reason for the longevity of The Sims 4.

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Source: daniellebuilds/Reddit

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