The Sims Mobile claimed STS rewards not considered a claimed issue

The Sims Mobile, the “lite” version of the iconic saga, is constantly receiving new events and content.

However, it is common for the new events available to have certain issues that negatively impact gameplay. STS (Sweet Treat Showdown) is one of the recurring events that usually presents more problems when it receives new content.

Recently, Sims Mobile players have been facing an issue where their claimed STS rewards are not showing up as claimed. It also opens the door to an exploit that some take advantage of.

The Sims Mobile claimed STS (Sweet Treat Showdown) rewards not seen as claimed

According to several reports, The Sims Mobile does not count claimed STS rewards as already claimed, causing problems for players.


@TheSimsMobile Have you noticed a bug with Sim Festival prizes? When I completed a seasonal task and got my festival pass rewards, and reopened the game, did I have to collect them again? And I got rewards of the same level as what I collected. This has happened to me so many times!

In some cases, the same initially claimed rewards need to be claimed each time you log out and return to the game. Meanwhile, other players do not receive all the rewards they should when claiming them (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

STS Glitch when opening the box is annoying

When it says you get 2 boxes, you actually get 1 box. And they take your previous price.

For example: I use 300 tokens to buy 1 box. And I got 500 Simoleons. Then the second time I use 300 tokens to buy 1 box, he says 2, and I take my 500 simoleons from the previous box, but only get 1 prize instead of 2! It’s annoying. Does this happen to you?

That said, some players are taking advantage of the glitch to use an exploit that allows them to get “unlimited currency prizes” when opening boxes.


The STS bonus is still buggy. 😯

So I received two currency prizes… And, again, they are not checked off or count towards the total prizes exchanged. I’m both excited and disappointed, LOL. I don’t know what STS bug they fixed, but that’s not it.

Developers are interested

Reports related to the issue have reached EA’s ears through its community managers, who are seeking more feedback from affected players to expedite the investigation.

Hi all. We have observed reports from players saying that “currency rewards claimed are not considered claimed in the Sweet Treat Showdown”.

If you are currently experiencing the issue, please share your Gamer ID with me immediately in a private message.

We’ll update this story once more details about it emerge in the future.

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