The Sims 5 should focus more on fun cheats

With The Sims Released 22 years ago, it’s only natural that millions of people have played the popular game series at least once in their lifetime. It is generally considered a great accessible tool for expression and creativity. The Sims still finds its place in the homes of countless gamers, regardless of age. This almost unlimited creativity leads The Sims being one of the most replayable series of all time, and its array of hidden cheat codes only adds to that appeal.


While the vast majority of sims players know the classic cheats like “Kaching” and “Motherlode”, there are some other weird cheats that don’t necessarily help the player, but can lead to some pretty weird or even diabolical situations. While The Sims 5 has not yet been officially announced, and the content is still being released for The Sims 4an inevitable sequel should lean into those weirder tricks more than ever.

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The Sims 5 needs some weirder tricks to play with

Although the majority of The Sims‘ are incredibly useful, like adding funds to the bank or buying secret items, there are a few that seem to be useless. These cheaters are what potential The Sims 5 should really focus on, as they add a lot of flavor to the game.

One of the simplest, yet potentially hilarious cheats can be found in The Sims 4. By activating the cheat log and clicking on a Sim while pressing the Shift key, the selected Sim is instantly transformed into a global superstar. If the Sim is in a public place, they will go from being just another face in the crowd to being mobbed by a horde of rabid fans.

If the player has the Parenthood extension, he will be able to access another of the The Sims 4potentially funny cheats. By typing “traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_Rebellious” players can turn their child Sims into the most irritating youngsters possible. The hyperbolic nature of child behavior after cheating is usually quite bizarre and a lot of fun to experience. Then, for those who like to play The Sims in chaotic evil mode, there have been a handful of cheaters over the years that should definitely make a comeback in The Sims 5 and given more importance. One of these cheats is the “Burning Love” code, which starts a fire at a specific location.

Another evil cheat is one that causes the chosen Sim to die of literal embarrassment. For the ultimate chaotic blow of evil, players can alter their Sim’s funds to leave them completely bankrupt and homeless. There are quite a few of these more outlandish and diabolical cheats out there, and while they’re not for everyone, they can lead to some truly unique moments that can only come from The Sims.

A must The Sims 5 should definitely look into these types of cheats and should make them much easier to access. Instead of having to install a mod or access console commands, The Sims 5 should have a dedicated UI for cheats, making them immediately accessible to all players and allowing for immediate experimentation.

In addition to increased accessibility, The Sims 5 should also expand on these wackier tricks. For example, The Sims 5 could include cheats that turn the Sim into an alien or monster of some variety, drastically altering their behavior and potentially leading to some pretty unexpected and unconventional scenarios. There is a goldmine of untapped potential, and The Sims 5 should dig deep where previous entries have only scratched the surface.

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