The Sims 5 playtest leak shows early character prototypes

The Sims 5 recently went through a closed playtest with EAand things haven’t been kept top secret now as several leaked images are making the rounds online.

It is important to remember that The Sims 5, aka Project Rene, was only announced to the world last month, so the next generation of the life sim is still in the very early stages of development. Either way, it looks like EA and developer Maxis are eager to test out what they have so far, which includes a playable version of the game. Where are these new screenshots from?

As collated by Sims Community (opens in a new tab), we can see several shots of the interiors of the houses, the streets outside, and even an early version of the Sims 5 characters. Screenshots of the character prototypes were found in the build files and are obviously very simple; heck, they don’t even have eyeballs yet. But it’s still interesting to see what direction Maxis can take in terms of NPCs and character customization with The Sims 5.

The Project Rene game files were allegedly hacked and then leaked, which is why these screenshots don’t look very neat. There’s definitely enough to leave Sims fans hoping for, as some of these screenshots have fans are hoping for The Sims 5 to return to an open world. It’s hard to tell from these leaked images alone, but the outdoor environments appear to allow for exploration.

Given that we’re likely years away from playing this version of The Sims for ourselves, chances are the screenshot assets we see will change drastically by the time EA is ready to officially show more. of project. So, wherever you are, don’t get too excited or disappointed just yet.

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