The Sims 5 Needs To Talk About Life Again

While EA is still waiting to announce the fifth iteration of its beloved life simulator series, fans around the world have started creating a wishlist of features they want to see in The Sims 5. When The Sims 4 launched in 2014, EA had taken the graphics of the Life Simulator to a place it had never gone before, and the customization of the Sim had improved dramatically. In a more realistic world, players could create the most realistic Sim version of themselves if they wanted, or create a more classic Sim style with big cartoon eyes. But, for all the updates, the series has lost a lot more features.


A color wheel, for example, which was available in the previous The Sims the game was no longer in The Sims 4. The possibility of adding windows on the roofs has also disappeared. The open-world, no-loading-screen feel of previous iterations was also gone. But, of all the things that The Sims 5 must bring back to the series, it is to put back “life” in the “life simulator”.

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The Sims 5 Needs To Talk About Life Again

Despite the many lost features The Sims 4, Maxis Studios has done a lot to try to fill in the gaps over the past eight years. He provided constant updates alongside a mixed bag of sims expansion packs as well as game and item packs that helped make the game last so long. But the central aspect that made the original game so alluring has been removed entirely, and over the years has never shown its face again – the ability of players’ Sims to live a life.

On the one hand, the relationships in The Sims 4 are too easy to train. The concept of “love” in the last game seems superficial because all the stages of love – becoming acquaintances, developing a friendship, falling in love, having a romance, etc. – can all occur within a Sim day. This never happened in previous versions of The Sims. As much as the My Marriage stories The game pack is a cute way to add another layer to a Sim’s love life, it didn’t solve the shallowness issue of the base game.

Previously, there was also an aspect of randomness when interacting with Sims. Not all conversations ended well since every Sim has their likes and dislikes – things the game has taken into account. Some Sims like jokes, some don’t. some like to talk about space, others find it incredibly boring. Players could rack up negative relationship points quickly if they weren’t careful, especially when leaving Sims to their own devices.

Progression in The Sims

The other important characteristic of life that has disappeared in The Sims 3 in particular and must be brought back into The Sims 5 is an idle progression. One of the most glaring issues with the current game is that life breaks when a player uses a secondary home. Although the addition of Neighborhood stories brought some semblance of this, the problem remains. If players have multiple hearths, the lives of those not played are interrupted until the player takes over the hearth. Sims’ lives within the unplayed household will remain stagnant and they will not progress, unlike those in The Sims and The Sims 2.

In the latest addition to The Sims series, the meaning of “starting from the bottom” has also been lost. Fun The Sims Cheat codes aside, the life simulator’s sense of progression comes with near-zero challenges, with Sims living perfect lives with positive outcomes. They don’t get any more promotions or pay raises and are hardly at risk of being fired. There’s no need to move into bigger lots in the area when it becomes affordable – players build their perfect homes on massive land and add from there.

The next game in The Sims the series must bring back features that bring true meaning to life, a loss within The Sims 4. Realistically finding love and marrying a soul mate, climbing the ranks, moving to bigger plots – all aspects of an authentic life simulator. The Sims 5 must bring a sense of realism back to the series alongside the various other modern touches in game development over the past eight years. Then he could really look like the life simulator he considers himself to be.

The Sims 5 is rumored to be in development.

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