The Sims 5 may soon be unveiled by EA, as The Sims 4 goes free

The Sims 5 is apparently going to be revealed by EA very soon, as the long-running life simulator and management game Sims 4 is officially going free, although the sequel won’t be available for a while yet.

Confirmed on September 14, The Sims 4 base game goes free from October 18. Additional content will continue to be released afterward, which players will need to purchase, but the original, vanilla version of the game will remain free. costs. Marking the launch of the free game, EA is hosting a stream, Behind the Sims Summit, on its Twitch and YouTube channels, where it says it will “share more about what’s in the works.”

In addition to news about subsequent Sims 4 updates, however, this may apparently include early details for The Sims 5. Speaking on the Game Mess Mornings podcast, Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb – whose information regarding an Assassin’s Creed game in Japan has been proven to be correct, as well as leaks from 2021 that Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC – says the Behind the Sims Summit will be used to share early details about The Sims 5.

“The Sims 5 is also coming,” says Grubb. “When this thing next month, they will almost certainly announce it then – the announcement is coming soon, and I heard it’s probably next month. Expect to hear about The Sims 5 soon. However , the game is apparently still in the very early stages of development, with Grubb warning fans that even if it’s revealed in October, it’ll still be a long time before The Sims 5 launches. soon”, they say. “The game is still very far from over apparently”.

If you’re thinking of getting into Sims 4 now it’s going free, you might want to try it alongside some of the best Sims 4 mods. We also have guides to the best Sims 4 CC packs, along with Sims tips 4, if you want to give your virtual lifestyle a little boost.

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