The Sims 5: Everything We Know So Far

The Sims 5 has finally been announced and, to our surprise, Electronic Arts has already started rolling out small previews of features for the next mainline Sims game.

Just after making the Sims 4 base game free and committing to continued gameplay updates and DLCs, Maxis also hinted that he was actively developing The Sims 5, although perhaps not. not be its final name.

Unlike the development of previous Sims games, Maxis is even committed to showing some of its features in development years in advance. So while we still have a plot of open-ended questions about the next Sims game, we’ve already answered some of our speculation. Here’s everything we know so far about the next Sims game, including new (and returning) features, early gameplay footage, and multiplayer rumors.

So is Project Rene the name of The Sims 5?

For now, yes, but probably not forever. As Maxis explained, Project Rene is essentially the code name for the next Sims game. Usually these are used internally to talk about a game before it’s announced, but sometimes developers also use these titles publicly. Think Riot’s Project L, for example. Presumably, the next Sims game won’t be called “Project Rene” or “The Sims 5” and will have an entirely different name that communicates how Maxis called it the “next generation” of Sims and a “platform creative.”

Does The Sims 5 have a release date?

Electronic Arts has yet to give a release date or year for the next Sims game. When it was first announced as Project Rene in October 2022, Maxis said it planned to share development looks “over the next few years” so we can safely assume that The Sims 5 will not be launched before. at least 2024.

Another detail to know about The Sims 5 is that Maxis expects it to be around for a while when he finally launches. The Sims 4 launched in 2014 and it looks like Electronic Arts expects the “next generation” of The Sims to stick around for at least that long. So far, Creative VP Lyndsay Pearson said “I’m privileged to help usher the franchise into the next decade and beyond,” during the Project Rene reveal. Honestly, that was a lot of corporate buzzwords, but it’s safe to assume that the next Sims game will have a long lifespan.

Check out an early Sims 5 gameplay preview

As Maxis said, the clips he showed at the Behind the Sims Summit in 2022 were early in development, likely not reflecting the final gameplay or visual style. But in a broad sense, we’ve seen a tiny bit of early gameplay footage.

Here are some of the features we saw:

  • The Sims 3 Style tool is back
  • Cross-platform multiplayer construction mode
  • Uploading a custom pick furniture layout to the gallery
  • Assembly of modular furniture, including accent pieces
  • Multi-axis rotation, at least for accent pieces

The return of Create-A-Style is definitely a win for Build mode fans, especially with the addition of modular parts. In the initial reveal, we saw how players will be able to swap parts like a bed’s headboard and footboard separately and also change patterns and colors. Another improvement over the old styling tool is the ability to add accents like throw pillows and throws to a couch, which we also saw a lot in the initial Project Rene video.

Another part of the first reveal that players are speculating about is whether apartment lot types will be part of The Sims’ next base game. The first images we saw made the space he was mounting look a bit like a unit connected to others.

(Image credit: Electronic Arts, Maxis)

Will The Sims 5 have multiplayer?

The Sims 5 will have some multiplayer capability, yes, but Maxis hasn’t been specific about the scope of what he’s calling “collaboration” so far.

“With Project Rene, we want to make it easier to collaborate and share. You can choose to play and create alone or with your close friends,” Pearson said during the Project Rene reveal. So we know that you will be able to choose how deep you dig in the online game.

At Sims Summit 2022, the developers showed off cross-platform play between PC and mobile. Both devices appeared to be editing the same room simultaneously when placing furniture.

As for live multiplayer, we don’t yet know what Maxis is planning. What we heard were a few comments from Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson during a 2020 financial call.

“As Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation – cross-platform and cloud of a neighborhood world, you should imagine that we will always stay true to our inspiration, escape, creation, personal development, motivations – that this notion of social and competitive interactions like the kinds of things that were really present in The Sims Online many years ago – that they will start to be part of The Sims experience in the years to come,” Wilson said.

The interesting parts of Wilson’s answer that we don’t know more about yet is the “social interactions and competition” part. Invoking the Sims Online name really makes us wonder if EA and Maxis are circling for a real new Sims MMO game. It seems so unlikely, but there’s no doubt that the next Sims game will feature some sort of online play.

Will The Sims 5 support mods and custom content?

While we don’t know the answer for sure, the Sims series has a long history of user-created content in its games.

Nowadays sims 4 mods continue to be massively popular, to the point where The Sims 4 Gets Official Mod Support with a CurseForge hub – and it’s hard to imagine Maxis wouldn’t take the same approach with Sims 5 and throw the doors wide open to custom content. But as to what form this will take, or whether it will come with the initial release of The Sims 5 or later, is still up in the air at this time.

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