The Sims 4’s New Froggy Chair Item Mocked By Animal Crossing Fans

A piece of a new Sims 4 kit is being hilariously mocked online by Animal Crossing fans who are comparing it to the game’s famous Froggy chair.

fans of animal crossing hilariously roast a short story The Sims 4 Article from the kit, comparing it to the famous Froggy chair from the Nintendo series. Both The Sims 4 and animal crossing offer plenty of items to decorate, and it’s no surprise that there’s some overlap between the two hugely popular sim titles. Kits are the latest form of DLC for The Sims 4offering players a handful of items with a specific theme.

Froggy Chair has been a player favorite since it first appeared in the original animal crossing. The chair has become a viral meme within the gaming community due to its particularly cute and fun appearance. Many gamers rejoiced when Froggy Chair made its way to New Horizons with the game’s 2.0 update in November 2021, with many requests for it to be included. While ACNH will no longer receive content updates and releases, The Sims is another story. The Sims 4 Kits have quickly become one of the most frequently released forms of downloadable content in the game, and add around 30 items or clothing items each. Two new The Sims 4 The kits were announced earlier this month: the fashion-centric trend Chic in the moonlight Kit, and the small campers Kit, which focuses on outdoor family gameplay.


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Twitter users pointed out the similarity between animal crossing‘s Froggy Chair and a new The Sims 4 article of small campers which looks amazingly. User osrsLacazette posted a side-by-side comparison of the two items, writing that The Sims 4ripped off the iconic Animal Crossing frog chair.” ElegantSoprano tweeted that the sims the team is likely aware of what they’re doing with the new frog chair, stating that “they know.” User lissthelass used the classic “We have [x] at homeeven in reference to the new article, poking fun at the worst implied appearance of the sims article compared to Froggy Chair.

There is a great overlap between the players of animal crossing and The Sims 4 – both are open-ended games that encourage user creativity and freedom. The Sims 4 the team is almost undoubtedly aware of this fact, and probably aware of the popularity of animal crossing‘s Froggy Chair as well. Although it is possible to include the chair in the new small campers Kit could be some sort of calculated promotional move, it’s more likely just one beloved franchise paying homage to another.

Although many fans roasted the The Sims 4 chair, its inclusion in the new Kit has also sparked the interest of many. sims players who are also animal crossing fans may be tempted to buy the new kit even if they’ve never bought one before, if only for the meme. The Sims and animal crossing The franchises are two of the most beloved simulation series in gaming, both attracting millions of players, and one title winking at the other is a delightful surprise that probably never saw coming. .

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Source: lissthelass/Twitter, osrsLacazette/Twitter, ElegantSoprano/Twitter

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