The Sims 4 will let you clutter your house with junk next week, just like your real one

The Sims 4 receives two new DLCs next week on November 10th. The Pastel Pop Kit features colorful ’60s-inspired home decor, while the Everyday Clutter Kit will let you sprinkle your Sims’ home with the kind of bric-a-brac that litters your real one.

The Pastel Pop kit was designed in collaboration with popular Sims YouTuber Jesse “Plumbella” McNamara. On The Sims 4 websiteEA says the kit “introduces a soft pastel color palette to the game, as well as fun and unique designs of groovy shapes. This kit will feature lots of new furniture, mirrors, decorative ‘tchotchkes’, shelves and desk items, designed in an aesthetic that Plumbella wishes she could decorate her home with, IRL!”

Strange as it may sound, clutter is the most exciting of these two DLCs. By using the default elements, your Sims’ home will look rather barren, boxy, and unnatural. You can free yourself from the grid and do a lot with it sims ccbut the Everyday Clutter Kit will feature an official selection of used coffee mugs, stacks of magazines, books and games, and other common household detritus.

Kits are the smallest of the different Sims 4 DLC categories and usually cost £5/$5. Kits expand cosmetic options but do not affect gameplay.

It’s been a big two months for The Sims. The Sims 4 became free in Octoberthere is an official mod platform Coming soonand The Sims 5 is now in early development.

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