The Sims 4 Welcome Cart Art Shows the Terrors of Starting a New Game

A Sims 4 player has created an artwork referencing the game’s widely hated Welcome Wagon, where neighbors welcome Sims players to the neighborhood.

A The Sims 4 player has shared an artwork that hilariously captures the terrifying feeling of the game’s Welcome Wagon event. This artwork is unlike most of the creations shared within the game’s community. of sims fans take the form of builds, with players often sharing recreations of historic locations and pop culture locations. Even though the game has been out for seven years, The Sims 4 maintains one of the most active creative communities in gaming.

In The Sims 4, players design characters and houses for them to live out their lives and are able to give them different personality traits and goals that they want to achieve. Whenever a Sim is moved to a new land in the game, they will inevitably encounter the Welcome Wagon event, which begins with a small group of neighbors arriving at the Sim’s residence, ringing their doorbell with a fruitcake at their doorstep. the hand. The event’s restrictive choices made it hated by so many players that there were even sims mods created to avoid it. The player can either ignore them, which will result in a loss of relationship points with any neighbors present, or greet them and initiate the Welcome Wagon event. The event is timed, and players must socialize with their new neighbors for several hours to make sure everything goes smoothly. Fruitcake is very divisive for Sims, with most receiving a negative mood after consuming it.


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Reddit user NattiePattie shared an artistic tribute to the famous sims event in an illustration of a woman hiding from the Welcome Wagon. The original artist, cassandrevioletart, seems to have included a few faces that will be familiar to fans of the series. The two blondes look a lot like power couple Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab, alongside famous heartbreaker Don Lothario. Along with these classics sims characters, the artist also included the unforgettable fruitcake in their artwork, perfectly capturing its coarse and mysteriously indistinct nature. Their work perfectly conveys the invading neighbors of the game, and the hyperbolically terrified expression of the hidden Sim makes for a really fun piece of art for sims Fans.

This piece of art perfectly captures the sense of dread that many gamers feel at this inevitable in-game event. to play their new character and pursue their aspirations. The fact that a refusal to start the event immediately creates negative relationships with three other Sims is enough to have some players reluctantly going through it, mindlessly pressing different conversation options until time runs out. While The Sims 4 fans have many pet peeves about the game, for many this ranks among the highest.

Brilliant artwork like this is a welcome departure from the construction-saturated nature of The Sims 4 creative community. While player builds continue to be impressive, seeing the game represented on a different medium is an interesting change of pace. Their piece is instantly recognizable to virtually every player in the series – the Welcome Wagon has appeared in one form or another in every game and is encountered by anyone who plays for more than a few minutes. Curiously, part of the fun of The Sims 4 Community comes as much from things players don’t like about the game as it does from things they like, and this art is a perfect example of that.

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Source: NattiePattie/Reddit, cassandravioletart/Instagram

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