The Sims 4 Wedding Stories receives over 30 bug fixes after a rocky launch

The Sims 4 Wedding Stories is getting a boatload of bug fixes in a new patch, after a rocky launch last month.

EA announced a new update for The Sims 4, primarily for the recent My Wedding Stories game pack, earlier today on March 31. “Our goal has been to improve the gameplay surrounding wedding ceremonies,” a press release reads, adding that EA Behavioral Systems is working on My Wedding Stories across all platforms, it’s really complex.

The blog post also notes that Sims in the new pack weren’t behaving the way they should, and while that’s part of what makes the game special, “we understand that can be frustrating too.” Additionally, the development team is aware of the persistent “save error 0 bug”, which prevents players from saving their game, and will have an update for players in the coming weeks.

In all, there are just over 30 gameplay tweaks and fixes throughout this new patch for The Sims 4. There have been countless aspect reports of My Marriage Stories not working properly over the course of last month or so, including wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, engagements. Parties and other key events will not be planned.

A lot has also happened around the launch of My Wedding Stories. EA initially decided against launching the expansion in Russia, where it would have been banned under anti-LGBT laws, but later changed its tune, opting to bring the expansion to the country in a never-before-seen way. Here’s why My Wedding Stories is exactly what Sims 4 fans have been wanting.

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