The Sims 4 update adds new characters

A new Sims 4 update has added a new story type to the game that includes new homes, as well as bug fixes for a myriad of issues.

A new The Sims 4 The update added a whole new type of storyline to the game which introduces new homes, as well as some bug fixes for the title. The sims The team recently focused on in-game challenges, with a new trend of increasingly creative scenarios. The Sims 4 These last months. This new addition is the biggest jump yet, although some players are disappointed that the update brings some bug fixes to the game.

First introduced in November 2021, scenarios are a new form of The Sims 4 gameplay that gives players unique goals to complete, often with a twist to make them harder. Scenarios presented players with challenges such as trying to reach the pinnacle of the culinary career while increasing bad luck in the kitchen, or spending the holiday season alongside a housemate they despise. Typically, these scenarios have a few different possible outcomes, as well as a reward for completing the scenario as unique The Sims 4 suction lines or points.


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A big new update has been announced by The Sims Twitter account this week, which linked to more detailed patch notes on the EA website. Scenarios are a big part of the patch’s focus, introducing a new variety called “Welcome scenarioswhich add entirely new households to the game. The update includes three welcome scenarios:new in town“which introduces the character of Farrah Nouvel,”Stuck in their shadow“where fans will play as Nova, a new member of the Curious family featured in previous games, and”Parental issues” who brings The Sims 3‘s Martinez family to the title. Farrah’s story focuses on working to make a name for herself in a new town, Nova’s on having to work with a fellow enemy, and the Martinez family storyline sees parents Pablo and Jennifer trying to raising unruly twins.

The Sims 4’s New Characters Are Great News, But Not What Fans Want

While these new storylines are sure to excite many fans, there are plenty of bugs in the The Sims 4 July update which apparently was not resolved by this patch. In fact, in the list of 17 fixes for the base game, only five involve things that are unrelated to the storyline. Fortunately, some important fixes for the High school years An expansion pack has been added including a fix for neighborhood lighting and an issue where Sims who graduated early did not receive diplomas – although it is still unknown if the bug where the graduation event is never triggered is always present. The same can be said for a myriad of other bugs in the game, and on top of the lack of fixes, many fans are no doubt unhappy that the update likely broke any mods or custom content they were using in the game.

It is true that many players will be delighted to start these new The Sims 4 Scenarios, as they do, add a welcome new twist to the concept of storyline. The inclusion of characters from previous games is a nice nod to long-time gamers, and it’s interesting to see some well-known Sims popping up in The Sims 4The alternate timeline of, especially the fan-favorite Curious family. However, this latest update continues the The Sims 4The model of adding new content rather than fixing existing elements of the game, which is incredibly daunting for many players.

Source: EA, The Sims/Twitter

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