The Sims 4 update adds disturbing new bugs – devs share warning

The new major update for The Sims 4 brought us the long-awaited High School Years pack, but it also unleashed a swarm of unexpected and weird bugs in the game. And that’s politely saying.

No amount of The Sims 4 cheats can save you from these new glitches and errors (and fantasizing about the Sims 5 release date won’t do much either), but the developers have stepped in and issued a warning that should help players avoid the worst.

So what exactly happened? Well, there are two new Sims 4 bugs that seem to be getting a lot of attention right now – one affects the age of Sims, and the other makes Sims want to have relationships with loved ones. . Dark times indeed.

Regarding the aging issue, you may have already noticed that there is a bug that is able to automatically age Sims (especially in savegames that use short or long lifespans). This issue can cause older Sims to die before you want them to, which no one wants!

Regarding these age-related issues, The Sims 4 developers at EA shared the following warning on Twitter, advising players to launch new saves and respect the “normal” lifespan parameter (as opposed to the Short or Long options). This should be a workaround that prevents your Sims from dying prematurely or aging while EA works on a fix.

As for The Sims 4 incest bug that could cause your Sim to express interest in romance with loved ones, EA has yet to share an official workaround for this one, so you’ll have to use your own gaming skills to step in where you can and prevent your Sims from acting on those cravings.

The latest Sims 4 update added a new ‘Wants and Fears’ system to the game, which replaced the previous ‘Wishes’ system with the goal of giving your characters more choice of personal desires. This particular problem seems to stem from this new system.

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An EA employee – who goes by the name “SimGuruNick” on Twitter and works as a quality designer in the game’s live ops team – has now acknowledged the situation, posting the Tweet below to assure fans that EA is “looking to get it fixed as soon as possible”. .

To keep an eye out for the latest Sims 4 bug reports, remember that you can check out a dedicated webpage on the subject on EA’s official website.

To follow the latest developments and know when these bugs are fixed, we also recommend that you follow SimGuruNick and the main Sims account on Twitter.

Hopefully we can put all of this behind us soon and continue enjoying the new pack.

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