The Sims 4 update 1.63 pushed back for bug fixes this August 30

Maxis has released The Sims 4 update 1.63 on all platforms, which brings another round of bug fixes to the game. Head below for the full Sims 4 patch notes from August 30.

The Sims 4 Update 1.63 Patch Notes | The Sims 4 August 30 Patch Notes:

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Console:Version 1.63

Learn more about friends, careers, and family life with new welcome scenarios! Three new scenarios with more complexity, predefined households and special rewards depending on the result you achieve!

new in town focuses on learning about relationship building with newcomer to town, Farrah Nouvel. Explore the world of The Sims™ 4, with an all-new home.

Stuck in their shadow features Nova Curious and his rival, Lewis Sancho, in their long-standing struggle to be the best dog at work. With 28 different outcomes based on your choices during gameplay, you’ll have the chance to explore many paths to professional success!

Parental issues is all about family, featuring Pablo and Jennifer Martinez and their adorable twins, Sofia and Leonardo. Can you handle this growing family and guide Sofia and Leonardo to a happy adolescence?

These welcome scenarios will include clickable objectives. Left-click on any objective in the Welcome Scenarios to receive hints and tips on how to complete the objective!

  • Plant Sims can now move items from their inventory without issue.
  • Camera movement on macOS is more responsive, especially for those running Monterey.
  • Some cases of incorrect pronouns have been fixed.
  • We have clarified some scenario objectives.
  • The text of scenarios with existing households is also more precise.
  • Time-limited scenarios show that they are time-limited again and end at the right time.
  • Scenario information pop-ups now have a link to lessons so you can learn more about them.
  • The lessons for the scenarios have new images.
  • Scenarios no longer end immediately when starting a second scenario in the same saved game.
  • Event and Scenario details panels are no longer blank when double-clicking their button for information.
  • We’ve made some small improvements to the scenario interface. For example, when selecting an existing household for a scenario, the button to configure neighborhood stories no longer appears.
  • In the My Households tab, Households with active Scenarios no longer have a purple heart icon when Neighborhood Stories are inactive.
  • The Scenario bubble no longer overlaps the sidebar for some resolutions.
  • The “Engaged in Conflict” scenario no longer repeats the “After Thought” objective.
  • The “Perfectly Well Balanced” scenario has the goal of “reaching level 3 in any skill”, which can now be completed.
  • Color swatches for back hair now appear in standard order.
  • Images of items you might like in the main menu now display in the correct aspect ratio for all game resolutions.
  • No more blunders at work – Doctors no longer pose in a T during surgery.
  • Alien Toddler’s legs now remain visible when applying outfits in Create a Sim.
  • Graduating Sims who arrive late to the event now don their graduation gown and all grads stay in their gown during the event. It’s a big time, so get dressed!
  • The first graduates now receive their diplomas and are no longer wrongly told that they are dropping out.
  • The detention was a bit harsh. Sims no longer study indefinitely for exams while in Detention.
  • Sims with low Fitness Skills are more successful at the Football Throw.
  • Squad Training popup no longer references a non-existent crush.
  • Business Plan items in inventory can now be deleted if you want to free up inventory space. If you love tidying up clutter, feel free to keep them handy.
  • The Social Bunny contact button is now always visible to your Sims who have friends.
  • A few facial hairs grew from the straight stubble to the full beard. They are now growing more gradually.
  • facial hair ymFacialHair_EF11BeardShortStubble now can be clean shaven. Razors were fitted to catch this short stubble.
  • ymBottom_EP12PantsSkinnyCalf pants now only display once in Create a Sim.
  • Sunlight in Copperdale is less intense. A 6° change in the angle of the sun makes a big difference!
  • Engaging in a pillow fight with Sims you no longer know is no longer considered acceptable. At least say hello first!
  • The individual hammock shadow now correctly appears under this chair.
  • High school years now only appear once in the Packs section of the main menu.
  • Found missing images for High School Years pack page items. They are now displayed correctly.
  • Sims will now correctly direct their prom invites to the Sim they intended to request, not the Sim currently controlled by the player.
  • Sim phone usage has been reduced. Teenagers will use the phone even more often.
  • We’ve fixed some pronoun related bugs thanks to community reports!
  • Sims can now add rooms for Room Addition gigs.
  • “Bust the Dust” visual effects no longer appear when the Dust system is disabled.

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