The Sims 4 Unveils New Camping DLC, Finally Featuring New Items For Kids

The Sims 4 has unveiled its next two DLC kits, one of which is camping-themed, and will finally introduce new items for Sims children.

A new announcement from The Sims 4 revealed two upcoming kits for the game, Chic in the moonlight and little campers, the latter is expected to include a host of content for Sim kids. Since its release in 2014, The Sims 4 received an incredibly large amount of DLC – the most of any title in the sims franchise. Available in several sizes, sims DLC helps expand the game by providing new mechanics, items, and clothing.

Downloadable content for The Sims 4 comes in four different sizes, the largest of which is Expansions, followed by Game Packs, Item Packs, and Kits in descending order. Kits are the newest addition to the franchise and usually focus on a very specific theme – like plants or retro clothing – and include around 30 pieces of furniture or clothing each. Although EA has been criticized by some fans for the small amount of content, the DLC format is still popular with many gamers. Two new kits coming in May and June 2022 were first teased in the latest sims roadmap released earlier this month, with a focus on a nighttime theme.


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Share the news on Twitter, The Sims officially revealed the next Chic in the moonlight and small campers Kits. Chic in the moonlight will be a CAS-focused kit based on Parisian fashion and will feature a collaboration with designer Paola Locatelli. Fans can expect “sophisticated sets, flowing shirts and a tight dress” clothing-based DLC. Meanwhile, small campers teases exciting new content for kids Sim – something fans have been asking for. According to the post, small campers will inspire”creative family fun“, with items including an outdoor spotlight made from a sheet, blanket forts, and DIY toys. Both kits are set to release on May 26.

Although the sims Community feedback on the kits hasn’t always been positive, these two upcoming DLCs are undoubtedly intriguing. Many players have long wanted more child-specific items to enhance in-game family storytelling, and a romantic Parisian fashion collection is meant to enhance romantic storytelling as well. While The Sims 4 has already made a foray into fun outdoor items with the Game Pack outdoor retreat, most packs focus more on adult activities. Many fashion kits have been released for the game since the kits were introduced, and while some of the clothes featured in the new promo images look somewhat similar to the outfits offered in the Carnival Streetwear Kit, the new romantic trend is promising in the variety it will offer.

Some fans of the game might be more excited about the rumored release of the sims Werewolf Game Pack also teased during the latest Roadmap promo, but the new kits also have the potential to offer several new gameplay elements – something quite atypical for kits in the past. When it comes to The Sims 4, storytelling potential is an important consideration for any new DLC release, and the addition of new stories of family camping and romantic evenings could very well add a substantial amount of possible storytelling for players to explore.

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