The Sims 4 trolls all its players with its main menu

The Sims 4 "Ring Ring Girl," a red-haired, blue-eyed Sim excitedly displaying her cell phone, with green-tinted skin and red laser eyes.

Picture: EA / Kotaku

Imagine your worst nightmare. Really allow yourself to complete every gruesome detail. Feel your heart racing, then step back to reflect on what you have created. Guess it’s not a Sim with a cell phone, but somehow developer Maxis managed to turn this harmless image into a threat to sims society.

On April 26, the sims game launcher fully embraced the nightmare. The developers launched a creature players call “Ring Ring Girl”, a stock character originally cloistered in a main menu box encouraging phone use, suddenly emboldened to rule the entirety of the simulator’s main menu.

Ring Ring Girl had scared The Sims 4 players since 2021, and there’s no explicit reason why the developers decided to push it now rather than in previous updates. However, it slowly turned into an inside joke in the sims world, with even officials sims occasional accounts invoke its existence.

After the new changes, she finally became deified—plastered throughout the The Sims 4 main menu, brandishing his cell phone in a playful taunt, his blank blue eyes piercing yours.

“You’re not hacked, it’s just me!” reads a warning at the bottom of the menu. That doesn’t make things any better, Ring Ring Girl. How do you know my IP address? !

Ring Ring Girl, or Callia Maebeyas the The Sims 4 officially named for yesterday’s update, had seasoned The Sims 4 warriors crying and performing all sorts of “tortures” on the character in retaliation, since the Sim is now also available for download in the sims‘ Gallery. A popular method of torture was using hot girl mods to perform expert plastic surgery on Maebey, which will no doubt prepare her for a future career in tufted carpet modeling.

If non-consensual nose operations aren’t really your thing, the Twitter account of the sims The community website also noted how fun it is to force Maebey to “dancing in his own piss as she was stranded above deadly sharks until she passed out due to the heat wave. Nothing weird, just typical best friend stuff.

Callia Maebey from The Sims 4 wearing a salmon colored cardigan, standing against a gray background with a shy look on her face.

She wants to make you a side salad. Will you leave her?
Picture: EA

Since the sims gave Maebey access to your thoughts and main menu at the same time he announced his Last updatewe can guess that Maebey is probably just a cardigan-wearing demoness formed to invigorate the buzz around The Sims 4 and show the The Sims 4 community that EA knows what’s going on there.

To its credit, Maebey is also the most exciting thing about the latest update, which mostly softens the aesthetics and small features like re-enrolling your Sim in college after suspension. the sims also updated the main menu beyond its looks, adding details like a new launch panel, motivational messages for players starting their first game, and polls for players to share feedback. Today, the sims released a additional fix which adds knafeh and zaatar manakeesh meals, a cactus, and a limited-time “frog scenario” that makes your Sim want to collect frogs. Thank God. I ran out of frogs.

Some players are frustrated with what they think are unnecessary main menu changes and note that The Sims 4Tiny and frequent updates cause the game to behave more erratically in some cases. So we go back to Maebey being the most exciting thing about the update.

You know, the more I look into her monster eyes, the more I feel for her, the more I start to…really understand her. I would never horribly tear you apart limb by limb like some other players, Maebey. Not as long as you keep your side part as violently angled as it is right now. And that vest! Looks great mate.

But I’ll never get the chance to really get to know Maebey—the sims eliminated her from the main menus just a day after she was allowed to dominate them. You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

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