The Sims 4 theme reimagined as The Sims 2 music is a nostalgic delight

A Sims fan has remixed The Sims 4 theme in the style of The Sims 2 music, creating a nostalgic new take on the song.

A fan of the sims series created a delightfully reimagined theme song for The Sims 4 which is inspired by The Sims 2 theme. The Sims saw its first installment in 2000, and since then has become one of the most popular simulation games in the world – since its release in 2014, The Sims 4 has sold over 36 million copies. Although this fourth installment is quite popular, all iterations of sims the games still have players to this day.

All the games of sims The series have their similarities and differences – all center around the same principle of controlling Sims’ lives, but there are unique features that set each title apart. Gameplay isn’t the only thing affected by the changes, with things like music, user interfaces, and how in-game worlds work that also vary. The series is well known for its distinct, jazzy style of ambient music, although some fans feel that the new compositions lack the same charm as the older soundtracks. Like any other series, each player has their favorite among the four titles. However, regardless of the preferred installment, many fans have expressed that The Sims 4 should take more influence from past titles.


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twitter user luumiasims shared a brilliant remix this week, reinventing the The Sims 4 musical theme in the style of The Sims 2. While the original The Sims 4 the theme song is very orchestral and somewhat subdued, this remix perfectly captures the more upbeat and jangly sound of the previous theme. The remix increases the percussive elements in the song, which adds more energy to the piece, and the main melody line is no longer played by a violin, moving the song away from its more classical counterpart. As the song progresses, the sound of an organ replaces more subtle instrumentation and makes the piece much lighter.

This remix is ​​a huge dose of nostalgia for longtime fans of the sims deductible, especially those whose preferred installment is The Sims 2. Even though two other more technologically advanced titles came after, the second game has many unique features that fans miss in newer entries in the series. Things like deep lore, better Sims autonomy, and a huge amount of supernatural character options set the title apart from all other games in the franchise. This remix is ​​incredibly well done and probably immediately evoked memories of the game for many fans.

The Sims is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential simulation games of all time. Each entry in the series contains unique elements that set it apart from the rest, while keeping the core gameplay intact. Especially at a time when The Sims 4 players are disappointed with the content released for the game, older titles may become more appealing. This excellent remix might just inspire fans to dust off their copies of old tracks in The Sims series and give them a ride.

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Source: luumiasims/Twitter

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