The Sims 4 tease turns out to be another game pack and kits, and fans aren’t too happy

The Sims 4 Twitter account was teasing some sort of reveal yesterday, and it turns out it’s just a new game pack and two other kits – which left some fans bitter.

Following an encrypted tweet on the official Sims Twitter account yesterday, fans quickly began theorizing what the secret announcement scheduled for May 4 could be, with some speculation being a Sims 5 reveal, a new Cyberpunk-themed pack, a refresh of the Realm of Magic bundle, and more.

Unfortunately, as previewed in a follow-up tweetit looks like developer Maxis might release just another new game pack and two new kits instead.

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If you wanted a new game pack and/or new kits, this is probably good news for you. However, some fans in the Sims community were disappointed with the news as it seems their hopes were a little too high for this announcement.

Neither EA nor Maxis have fully revealed what the new content is just yet or when it’s due out (other than a May-June 2022 release window) but from the vague second trailer that they published, all signs point to some sort of nightlife-influenced supplements.

If you are heading towards The Sims official site however, you get a bit more information. It looks like this new game pack is called “Seize the Night” and will give your Sims more activities to participate in late at night.

A description on the website reads: “The fun begins when the sun goes down. Whether you’re dressing up for a big date, making memories in your backyard or running wild this season, you’ll stay late.”

Below there are also three boxes marked with a question mark labeled “Chic Nights Out”, “Cozy Nights In”, and “Go Wild”. It looks like these three could be the two kits and the game pack, but what they will actually bring to the game is still unconfirmed at this time.

While we wait for Maxis to announce the new content in detail, why not take a look at our list of Sims 4 cheats.

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