The Sims 4 Player’s Viking City Looks Amazing and Doesn’t Use Any Custom Content

The Sims games have an extreme amount of build mode customization, and one player in The Sims 4 built an entire Viking town without CC.

A very talented The Sims 4 player just built an entire viking city without using any custom content. The Sims the games have an extreme amount of build mode customization and crafty players can create amazing things in the game like this The Sims 4 version of LOTRit’s Rivendell. Thanks to years of experience and practice, almost anything is possible for some builders.

Many of these amazing builds are made using Custom Content, or CC. CCs are community-created items or appearance changes that are made for additional in-game customization. These include different build mode items and are usually things players find missing in the build of base of the game. Many CCs generally revolve around the Create-a-Sim system and provide players with countless different hairstyles, clothing options, skin details, and skin tones. There are many uses for CC, but some sims players do not use CC. Using such items can make it difficult for other players to download builds from the Gallery, as the builds don’t look the same unless the CC is installed. There is a fair share of DLC in The Sims games that add new building mode elements with different themes and styles, and players can get creative and build awesome houses and cities that everyone can enjoy.


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Reddit user Chaos_and_Cuteness decided to build an awesome viking city without any CC. The village includes a large longhouse for celebrations and feasting, two other medium longhouses for residential purposes, and two small single-family houses. There is also a fisherman’s house, a boathouse and a Viking ship built in the water. The interiors of the houses are filled with incredible detail and it’s clear that Chaos_and_Cuteness did a lot of research and put a lot of thought and effort into this build. Little touches like the banners on the wall or the food on the tables really help bring this build to life. chaos and kindness also posted a quick build of the village on its YouTube page, so interested fans can take a look at the effort that goes into a build like this.

Chaos_and_Cuteness not only built this for players of all CC preferences to enjoy, but they also included a list of all the sims The DLC game packs they used so players know exactly what they are missing when downloading this release from the gallery. In the list, they also mention exactly which items are needed for the build to work properly, and which can be omitted if a player hasn’t downloaded a certain pack. The Sims The gallery is known to have builds that use every DLC pack and some players just can’t afford them all. This is a good way to allow players to see exactly what is in use before downloading the village into their own game.

The marvelous creativity of The Sims players is always inspiring to see. Many players enjoy the life and stories aspect of The Sims games, but lack the game building aspect and prefer to download builds like these to amp up their stories. With more builds like this, everyone can enjoy The Sims without having to worry about CC or their in-game building abilities.

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Source: Chaos_and_Cuteness/Reddit, Chaos and Kindness / YouTube

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