The Sims 4 Player Traps Sim In Walls And Documents His Life On TikTok

A new Sims 4 TikTok saga delights fans by following the story of Hope Wallston, a Sim living within the walls of another couple’s home.

A The Sims 4 has taken the popular pastime of torturing Sims to the next level with a new series on Tik Tok documenting a Sim living within the walls of a house. the sims has always offered players chaotic possibilities to explore, allowing fans to create their own scenarios and control their character’s every move. Even 7 years after its release, The Sims 4 maintains one of the most active player communities in the game, with players frequently sharing their creations and stories online.

The broad appeal of sims The franchise is built on the freedom it gives its players, allowing them to create characters and environments that they can use to craft their own unique stories. While many gamers choose to have their Sims live successful and happy lives, others tend to adopt a darker style of play. Since Sims have basic needs that degrade over time, denying those needs is a common way players torture their characters. Some players even experience the different deaths present in The Sims 4, creating characters for the sole purpose of allowing them to meet their demise in a variety of ways. However, many of these more gruesome playstyles aren’t devoid of history, with fans often creating a narrative of how their Sims ended up in such unfortunate circumstances.


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TikTok user simslicious (Going through Kotaku) has created a dark tale fans can’t get enough of, in which she follows the saga of Sim Hope Wallston, who lives within the walls of married couple Rodney and Kristyn’s home. The storyline now has nearly 50 episodes detailing Hope’s daily life, where she lives within the walls by day and sneaks into the house at night to tend to her needs. The series is full of drama: in the intro post, the user reveals that Hope is pregnant with what would later be revealed to be Rodney’s child, and that barely scratches the surface of the show’s saga. Hope continues to raise her child Sim, Bruno, to the best of her abilities, while flying and listening to Rodney and Kristyn. Viewers even find out that Hope grew up living within the walls of a house with her brother Camillo, who appears later in the series. The final episodes detail Hope’s struggle to find love while keeping her presence at home a secret.

Sims 4 TikToks from the wall saga of simslicious.

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This incredibly detailed saga is an amazing example of the massive creativity that exists within the sims community. The user has created characters with interesting stories and put them in unique situations, and uses a combination of direct commands and Sim autonomy to let the story unfold. When it comes to torturing Sims, it’s easy for players to use something like the Extreme Violence mod to wreak havoc in their characters’ lives – it takes real ingenuity to only use what is provided by the game to create a tragic story like this.

The Sims 4 had the longest lifespan of all sims installment, being away for over 7 years, and it’s easy for players to experience burnout after such a long time with the same game. However, the brilliance and creativity of the game’s community explains largely why the game maintains its popularity. The Hope Wallston saga demonstrates the immense narrative power of The Sims 4and may even inspire other players to play out a similar scenario in their own game.

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Source: simslicious/TikTok (Going through Kotaku)

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