The Sims 4 player recreates the impressive house from the seasons trailer

A player manages to recreate the entire house from the reveal trailer for The Sims 4: Seasons, one of the game’s most popular expansions to date.

A hard worker The Sims 4 player has successfully recreated the entire house from the reveal trailer for one of the game’s most popular expansions to date, The Sims 4: Seasons. The custom lot is fully furnished and can even be downloaded using The Sims 4 Gallery functionality.

With The Sims 5 being at least several years away from the release, The Sims 4 continues to enjoy huge popularity as it is pretty much a genre in its own right. Its dollhouse-like gameplay makes it an especially popular game among content creators, as well as casual gamers looking for a carefree way to express their creativity. The Sims 4 received 12 expansion packs in the last eight years, although the 2018 Seasons DLC is still widely considered its best expansion to date.


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Reddit user RickGrimesSnotBubble has now managed to recreate the entire house from The Sims 4: Seasons reveal the trailer using the Sandbox mode editor. The creator said he viewed the task as “an elaborate shell challenge,” referring to the popular community practice of decorating monthly patterns. According to the author, they chose to recreate the summer version of the house shown in the video because it needed the least decorating.

While the trailer didn’t reveal much of the venue’s interior, the custom terrain it inspired is fully furnished. The interior is modern, which the designer described as a fun challenge as they generally prefer designing mid-century and retro homes. Among other facilities, it has three bathrooms and four bedrooms spread over three floors. The Summer House can be freely explored using The Sims 4 Gallery functionality, where it is available under the gallery ID “catlovingsimmer”.

This is just the latest in a long list of places that The Sims 4 players have recreated over the years. From Paddy’s Pub from Philadelphia is always sunny at the magical, changing home featured in Disney’s 2021 hit Encanto, The Sims 4 community continues to show off its creativity on a regular basis.

Since The Sims 4 went free-to-play last month, its steady influx of new community-created content may actually increase in the near future as more players flock to this globally popular life sim. In the meantime, Maxis is still hard at work developing a sequel, which was officially announced a few weeks ago under the codename Rene Project. But by all indications, it will be at least a few more years before The Sims 5 comes to market.

The Sims 4 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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