The Sims 4 Player Creates Rihanna as a Sim

A Reddit user recently showed off their extremely realistic version of singer Rihanna in The Sims 4, complete with correct eye color and tattoos.

The Sims is known for creating realistic versions of different celebrities and is often able to replicate public figures almost exactly, which is exactly what one Reddit user did for famous singer Rihanna in The Sims 4 complete with the correct eye color and tattoos. sims players are extremely creative with their uses of the in-game character design tool, often recreating not just celebrities but others; such as a sims rendered in player’s game animal crossing villager.

With the amount of customization in the game, there have been many recreations of different celebrities over the years. Simmers can do this in a variety of ways, thanks to the precision of the in-game Create A Sim (CAS) mode, but most often they use what is known as The Sims 4 custom content and game mods. Custom content (CC) is community-created stuff such as hairstyle, eye shape, clothing, etc. Players use CC because of the wide range of items available and they can modify almost any aspect they want. Sometimes players will challenge themselves to only use in-game content, but CC is usually needed if they’re trying to capture a person’s gaze in exact detail.


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Reddit user yousrak asked CAS to create an extremely realistic in-game version of Rihanna. The in-game version looks perfect with the right earrings, and even includes precisely placed and designed tattoos on her chest and shoulder. Thanks to The Sims 4 Custom content, yusrak even achieved the correct eye color. They didn’t mention exactly which CC they used and how many of their Rihanna Sims used CC, but the recreation is very impressive nonetheless.

Since The Sims is all about life simulation, players will try to play different stories and some like to include celebrities. Many players like to create themselves in the game, also known as “similar”, and follow their virtual dreams of becoming a movie star or owning a mansion. Other players like to create their dream houses in the game. If they make a famous character, players sometimes upload them to the gallery for other players to have in their games. From there, other players can download these characters and let their imaginations take over. With different career paths, players can take Rihanna’s Sim and make her a firefighter or a doctor.

There are so many different options and different stories for players to explore, and that’s the beauty of The Sims. Whether it’s living their dream of playing the role of Rihanna, ideas never run out. With a bit of luck, The Sims 5 will have even more to do and add more excitement for players. But until then, players can continue to let their imaginations run wild in The Sims 4.

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Source: yousrak/Reddit

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