The Sims 4 Painter Career Guide

If you want to pursue the career of painting in The Sims 4, you will have the freedom to work part-time in addition to another career. Professionals in this career can mentor many of their students, which is exciting. You will also receive prizes in addition to community and collector rating.

Your chances of becoming a professional painter are much higher than in any other profession if you possess all the traits. This guide will provide you with all the information you need about the painter career in The Sims 4, including top talents, career levels, job ranks, best mods, and tips.

How to become a painter career in The Sims 4?

You will have the choice to choose a career for your sim. Several possibilities are available, including Politics, Military, Law, Writer, and more.

After choosing Painter as a career, you will have no job options because you are working for yourself and however you want. There are several ways to sell your art:

Sell ​​to art gallery

The biggest advantage of having a career as a painter is that you can sell your paintings to the art gallery. They will pay you an additional 20% markup on the sale value of your painting. Not all paintings can be sold in the Art Gallery, so you need to produce masterpieces like Mona Lisa to sell there.

Open your own art store.

You can be the owner of your art store in Sims 4, but you must have the “Getting Started Expansion Pack”. The biggest advantage is that you can sell your art for more markup here than in the art gallery.

The only obstacle will be the money you need to open the store. Plus, you have to pay your employees to run the store, so it’s always a gamble if it doesn’t work out.

Hiring an agent

You can also hire an agent who will call you on different art galleries and events, and each time you receive a call, you will receive between $80 and $100. There will be times when the agent has no work for you, which will improve as your levels increase.

Private collectors can also buy your paintings in several contracts and give you a 50% markup on the sale price, which is very good for an artist.

Best Skills and Traits for Painter Career


Painting is a type of profession that you cannot learn one day, so inspiration plays a big role in making masterpieces. If you are creative enough, you will get inspired by painting raw images of the mental cloud.


If you want to become a patron of the arts in the future, the outgoing attribute will benefit you because you will mentor the young artist, and the more sociable you are, the better.

But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have this trait because you can develop it by chatting with other sims. You have to be extremely outgoing to be outgoing, so check before you invest time that your sim isn’t introverted.


If someone tells you that mixing a bunch of colors is an easy job, but in reality, it’s not, and you have to be a genius if you want to be a Picasso. You also need to focus more on logic skill because to create meaningful paintings; you must have this skill.

Painter Career Levels and Job Rankings

Level Use Salary
1 pallet cleaner $168/day
2 art book collector $184/day
3 hungry artist $208/day
4 Dabbler Water Cooler $232/day
5 Canvas Creator $280/day
6 Imaginative Imaginist $308/day

Master of Real Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Use Salary
seven Criticism of color theory $420/day
8 fine arts lover $630/day
9 Curator of the composition $1362/day
ten patron of the arts $1640/day

Patron of the Arts Career Levels and Job Rankings

Level Use Salary
seven Artist in residence $585/day
8 professional painter $700/day
9 Illustrious Illustrator $1400/day
ten Master of the Real $2460/day

Best Mods for Playing the Painter Career in The Sims

Painter work from home

This mod will allow you to work from home. You will earn more money compared to a work simulation, because your single mission will earn you half of the daily salary of your level. If you have not chosen a branch, you will get two basic tasks per day. You will get the tasks mentioned below:

  • Painting in many styles.
  • Painting emotional artwork.
  • Take pictures, make sculptures, start street sales and discuss art.

If you choose to become a patron of the arts branch, you will be assigned additional social tasks, such as:

  • Sim meeting in surrounding towns.
  • Coaching other sims in the art of painting.
  • Giving motivational talks.

The Sims 4 Painter Career Cheats

You must press Control + Shift + C to access the cheat menu. Once in the menu, type test cheats on or test cheat true and press enter. After that, enter one of the following codes to activate them:


You can use “careers.promote painter” to advance your sim’s painter career and get promoted to the next level, which pays more.


If you want your sim to go up a level, use “careers”. Downgrade Painter” If you have already chosen a professional branch, this hack will not let you go back.

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