The Sims 4 now has its own official mod hub

The new official Sims 4 mod hub is now live and ready for use by Sims content creators.

After reveal it at the Sims Summit Last month, EA finally launched the official Sims 4 mod hub with the help of software company Overwolf. The modding platform known as CurseForge (opens in a new tab) now has its own dedicated Sims 4 page where players and content creators can upload and download various mods and custom content.

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In a video (opens in a new tab) explaining the new Sims 4 mod hub, members of the Overwolf team describe the platform as “a better, safer, easier, and much more fun way” to use mods with The Sims 4.” This decision is an acknowledgment of the creativity and special role that modders and custom content creators have in The Sims 4,” says Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand, “it’s also a commitment to fixing issues with modding Simmers and creators and to create a better experience for [The Sims 4] players.”

CurseForge works by giving players access to a library of mods and rewarding in-game content creators for their efforts. It also supports several top games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and now The Sims 4. In fact, it’s the only modding platform in the world that allows creators to earn real income for their creations. All mods that players download from CurseForge have apparently been carefully selected and checked to ensure that they are safe and of high quality.

It was also revealed that in the coming months, Overwolf will be adding a new feature to CurseForge, especially for Sims 4 players. According to the video, the platform will soon have a ‘Mod Manager’ feature that will allow players to view their mods with thumbnails, easily find new mods with search filters and categories, automatically detect and remove broken or duplicate mods, manage mod updates, and much more. An open beta for ‘Mod Manager’ is expected soon.

There’s also good news for those worried about their current mods now that The Sims 4 mods have found a home on CurseForge. According to the video, the soon-to-be-launched mod manager will support all players’ existing Sims 4 mods, even if they are not listed on CurseForge. This means you won’t have to worry about losing them. If you’re not sure about the move, don’t worry – EA has produced a Sims 4 modding explainer on its website. (opens in a new tab)

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