The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Is Exactly What Wedding Pack Fans Wanted

Whether you’ve been planning your dream wedding on a Pinterest board since 2009 or dreading the thought of having a nuptial event in your future, The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories will wow you. The latest game pack is incredibly comprehensive, with tons of new gameplay options, buildable/purchasable items, and an all-new Mediterranean-inspired location.

My Wedding Stories has impressive breadth and depth – it’s clear that Maxis considered both what players want and how this new game pack will interact with existing content during development. Simmers have been asking for the tools to create beautiful, elaborate and personal wedding ceremonies for years, and My Wedding Stories delivers. I had the chance to play an in-progress version of The Sims 4 My Marriage Stories, and here’s how it went.

Stance, stance, stance

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

(Image credit: EA)

From the moment I upload My Wedding Stories, I’m in love. New location Tartosa is not only inspired by the coastal towns of the Mediterranean, with sparkling blue waters and a perpetual glow of golden hour, but its points of interest are actually written in Italian (rifugio dei pirati, la coppia serena, etc.). It’s like catnip for an Italian woman who, despite internal struggles with a Catholic upbringing, sometimes dreams of a wedding in a Tuscan vineyard. But Tartosa is much more than Italian bait – it’s yet another example of how The Sims 4’s relationship with its locations has grown, shaped almost entirely by members of the community.

Tartosa looks like a small Italian village, but its piazza (town square) isn’t just a Disney-lot facade – it’s full of interactivity that makes it feel like a lived-in world. In keeping with the theme, there are several storefronts you can visit in Porto Luminoso that will help you plan your dream wedding: a shop that takes you to the Create-A-Sim menu to try on wedding looks, a stall of flowers where you can choose a bouquet, a pasticceria (bakery) where you can taste a potential wedding cake, and a food stand offering traditional Chinese and Indian bites. There is even a fountain (a fountain) where newlyweds and brides-to-be can snuggle up and admire the bay.

The latest locations added to The Sims 4 (like Mt. Komerbi and Henford-on-Bagley) achieve this same level of immersion, adding another layer of credibility that helps enrich the Sims 4 experience. It’s great to see Tartosa continuing the trend of adding more playability to lands outside of homes and places like bars and restaurants. And rather than adding gameplay elements for fun, Tartosa’s extra features all lend themselves wonderfully to the wedding planning process. I decided to recreate the unhappy marriage of Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci (played by Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in Haus of Gucci last year), and having the two sitting together on the piazza tasting cake was a pretty little distraction from thinking about how Patrizia finally hires a hitman to get rid of Maurizio. Love drives us crazy, you know?

The wedding

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

(Image credit: EA)

Patrizia and Maurizio fall in love quickly and are engaged less than half an hour into my game. My Wedding Stories offer the most in-depth view of events to date, giving you the ability to plan the myriad events associated with a wedding (like a gender-neutral “bach” party, rehearsal dinner, engagement dinner, etc.) from the in-game calendar or your Sim’s phone. And his incredibly granular when it comes to planning the wedding day, providing options for planning mini-events within the event like a champagne toast, first dance, speeches, and more. You can even choose your Sim’s outfits from this menu and set a dress code so that Bella Goth doesn’t appear in a tracksuit.

This is the kind of pack I can see future Bridezillas going absolutely wild on, as there are very few game packs in The Sims 4 that come so close to a 1-to-1 translation of IRL events. Although my current build is a bit buggy (EA promises the dev team has already rolled out fixes ahead of its February 17th launch), I still have the gist of everything you can do with My Wedding Stories – and a keen understanding of how stressful planning a wedding can be. When Patrizia and Mauricio arrive home The Coppia Serena (the serene couple), a bug persists that I can’t get them to participate in any of the planned activities. No toast, no cake cutting, no walking down the aisle – nothing. I can’t even convince Patrizia to go on the run, and suddenly the bride pees in her pants on her wedding day.

Bugs and wet wedding dresses aside, I’m impressed with the promise of what you can do in My Wedding Stories. Quarreling with guests is as simple as clicking on the chairs flanking the aisle and asking them to congregate there and walking up and down the aisle is an actual interaction rather than an attempt to ask your Sim to “go here” again and again. The new pack adds slow dances and ring bearers and the ability to hire an officiant for your nuptials – there’s so much content. And the crossover between this content and other packs is lovely: Seasons expansion pack owners can pick wildflowers to create their own wedding bouquet, paparazzi will show up at famous Sims’ weddings, and you can host events. weddings at locations outside of Tartosa (catch me having my next Bach party at Izakaya Ippai). There’s so much thought in My Wedding Stories that there’s an innate tenderness here – it’s clear the developers love this pack and all it offers players in terms of choice and representation.

This depiction includes Chinese and Hindu-inspired food, ceremonies, and wedding attire that EA has created alongside Simmers from these communities. The attention to detail is quite charming – I truly gasp at a beautiful Chinese tea set while scrolling through new build/purchase items, and spend way too much time admiring the ornate henna designs in Create-a-Sim. There’s so much love woven into My Wedding Stories that goes beyond planning a Sims wedding. It’s so beautiful, it just might make you piangi (to cry).

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is available February 23 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC/Mac.

EA recently announced that it would be releasing the pack in Russia despite initially saying it wouldn’t.

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