The Sims 4: Legacy Challenge

Players participate in The Sims 4 challenges for many reasons, one can be to get a dose of new gameplay while waiting for new packs to come out. The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge involves playing through ten generations of a family and building the family’s wealth from scratch in a manner similar to the Rags-to-Riches Challenge. For an explanation of the challenge and its rules, read on.

The Sims 4: Legacy Challenge Explained

There is both a regular Legacy Challenge and an extreme version of the challenge, both created by simmer Pinstar, for the original blog post with rules click here.

The goal of the challenge is to start on land with no furniture or buildings and slowly work your way up to wealth from scratch. What sets it apart from the Rags-To-Riches challenge is that it is passed down through ten generations of the same sim family. The Legacy Challenge also places more rules and importance on the offspring created during the challenge.

The object of the challenge is to earn as many Legacy Points as possible before the tenth heir is born and the challenge ends. These inherited points can then be compared to other participants to see who objectively performed better in the challenge.

The Sims 4: Legacy Challenge Rules

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Money Rules

The original version of the Legacy Challenge starts any season if you have the season pack installed, with a starting budget of 1,800 simoleons. You can use the money cheat to do this, type “testingcheats on” in the cheat box, followed by “money 1800”. The other rules are as follows:

  • Start on a 50×50 lot
  • Single sim to start and must be a young adult
  • You can choose to be patriarchy, matriarchy, or equal opportunity for all gendered successors.
  • You can also choose whether only children born in line can become heirs, whether adopted children can too, or whether only adopted children can inherit the patrimony you constitute.
  • The heirs can be of the same species as the founder or the species can alternate if you have one of the occult packs of Sims 4: Get to Work
  • No cheating allowed
  • Lifespan brought back to normal
  • Ambrosia can be crafted but is not allowed to be consumed to revive ghosts.
  • Deathflowers, fruits, and other game mechanics are not allowed to extend the life of your sims. This includes reward store traits.
  • Can only age a sim when the game informs you that their birthday is approaching.
  • As a sim ages, their traits should be assigned randomly.

The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge: Inheritance rules

A Showdown in The Sims 4

This can be decided in the following ways when deciding which child will inherit the estate:

  • Traditionally – the firstborn inherits.
  • Determined by who has the closest relationship to the relative at the time of death.
  • Random – the heir is chosen by a roll of the dice
  • Merit-based – the child with the most skills inherits the estate
  • A showdown – a child can fight the successor, if he wins the fight, he also won the will.
  • Magic lineage – whoever has the strongest magic rank wins the title
  • Duel – a magical duel will take place to determine the winner.

The Sims 4: Extreme Legacy Challenge Rules

Extreme Legacy Challenge Bundle Location in The Sims 4

Here are the rules for the extreme version of the Legacy Challenge, these must be implemented in addition to the already established Legacy Challenge rules.

  • Starting finds are 0 simoleons.
  • Must use 64×64 Windenburg bundle or 64×64 Del Sol Valley bundle.
  • Start the challenge in winter if Sims 4: Seasons is installed.
  • The bundle must have the “Celebrity Home” trait
  • Sim must repay the loan that would have been used to pay for the lot, this is deducted by purchasing five, Knights of the Octagon Table and a Viva La Landscape Painting before your Founder dies. These are kept in the household inventory and not placed on the lot. These are monetary expenses to compensate for the free purchase of the lot.
  • Once the loan is paid off, you can remove the “Celebrity Home” trait from the bundle.
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The Sims 4 Extreme Legacy Challenge: How to Earn Legacy Points

Achieve Aspirations in The Sims 4 for Legacy Points

Collect as many Legacy Points as possible by completing tasks before the challenge ends. To earn points, here are the following tasks:

  • One point for the sim founder and another point for each heir born up to the tenth.
  • One point for each lifetime aspiration achieved by a family member, these can be completed by members who are not heirs, as long as they are on the family tree. A tree by aspiration, if a member performs the same aspiration, it does not score a point.
  • One point is earned for creating a portrait of a family member and displaying it after death. The Sim does not need to die for this to count, but must be living on the Inherited Lot and be a young adult or older.
  • One inheritance point earned for every $100,000 of home equity. A maximum of 20 points can be earned this way.
  • One inherited point for every 100,000 aspiration points earned.

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