The Sims 4 is still teasing werewolves as two new DLC Kits are announced

EA has announced two new small-scale kit expansions for The Sims 4 – one themed around evening fashion, the other camping for kids – both due for release on May 26. Astute readers may note that the word werewolf isn’t around yet, despite previous teases from EA, but there’s still some hope, it seems…

The first of EA’s recently announced expansions is the Moonlight Chic kit, which seems to focus its attention primarily on new clothing options for your digital little friends, offering new looks, designed by Parisian designer Paola Locatelli, said to be “perfect for everyone.” experiences a Sim will encounter on a night out on the town”.

Expect “bodycon dresses, flowing shirts and sleek jackets, all of which can be worn with sneakers for casual fun or dressed up with silk and sequins for date night.”

A taste of fashion that arrives in the Sim’s Moonlight Chic kit.

However, those looking for something to expand the storytelling options of The Sims 4 might be more interested in the second new DLC. Known as the Little Campers Kit, this one is all about nights under the stars for the youngsters in your Sim’s household.

Expect various new decor items including camping gear, fairy lights, blanket forts – which can be made to look like a car or a rocket – a new spotlight made from a bed sheet , a Sasquatch toy, and more.

Both kits, according to previous versions, are set to cost £4.99 / $4.99 USD each when they launch on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Mac on May 26.

The Sims 4 is already home to occult sims such as vampires.

As for the glaring absence of werewolves in today’s announcement, all is not lost. EA has previously confirmed that it will be releasing two new kits and a new game pack before summer arrives – which means there’s still a bit more substantial DLC to do.

If you’re not up to speed on all things werewolves, EA’s previous teaser for its upcoming DLC ​​included a full moon and a distant howl, which immediately got occult sims fans excited. idea that werewolves could finally make a return to the series after a long absence, having last been seen in the popular Sims 3 Supernatural expansion.

While today’s announcement doesn’t appear to advance werewolf speculation, it’s almost certainly notable that a recently released screenshot for the Little Campers kit (which you can see at the top of page) features a Sims 3 lycanthrope thrown onto a leaf under another full moon. Basically, at this point, there’s likely to be a riot within the Sims community if EA doesn’t follow through.

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