The Sims 4: How to Clean Chickens

On July 22, 2021, The Sims 4 released a new expansion pack, Living in a cottage. As usual, it comes with lots of new customizations for Create A Sim (CAS) and new furniture that sims fans can use as they like. Additionally, new animals can be supported, such as birds, cows, and chickens.

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Like a typical animal, the chickens of The Sims 4 need a place to sleep and something to eat. However, there is a problem: they are difficult to clean.


How to Clean Chickens in The Sims 4

a dirty chicken coop and chickens and the ability to clean the chicken coop in the sims 4

Unlike cows, there is no cleaning option when sims players press their chicken. However, there are three main methods players can use to clear them. The first is clean the chicken coop. Chicken coops allow players to buy hens, roosters and chicks and tend to them. They can also only buy one rooster and one hen to create hatching eggs.

With each bird purchased, the pen is more likely to become dirty. After a while, when the cage becomes dirty, it will defile the animals living in it. So, players should check every once in a while to make sure the coop is clean. As a result, the chickens will be flawless and remain happy.

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The second method is if the chickens are already dirty. To clean poultry, Simmers must let them roam outside the coop while it’s raining. To make this a little easier, The Sims 4 players may want to consider changing the weather.

dr june and hpw weather control device location for use in the sims 4

Thanks to Dr. June’s Weather Control Device who came in the Seasons Expansion pack, players can change the weather according to their desires. All they have to do is press Change current weather and choose Rain. It can be found under the Outdoor activities category in Outside.

Sprinkle-O-Matic 2001 location and how to activate it plus a chicken whose happiness and cleanliness

However, players should keep in mind that it is not considered cheap as it costs 1,500 Simoleons. So if they don’t have the money and reject the idea of ​​using cheats, there is a simple alternative solution. In the same category as the time machine, exists Sprinkle-O-Matic 2001 for 350 simoleons, which is much cheaper. The Sims 4 players must place it near the chicken coop and turn it on. After a while, all poultry should become clean.

Chickens must be happy and clean to produce high quality eggs. Also, giving them special treats will increase their chances of getting special egg types, like golden eggs. Players should keep in mind that socializing with their chickens is also an important part of the process. If their relationship is not good, the fowl might not lay eggs and even try to kill the Sim.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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