The Sims 4 Halloween Builds Inspire This Spooky Creativity

As spooky season approaches, Halloween-themed versions of The Sims 4 are starting to take shape. The community of must-haves game of life took the opportunity to share some of their own spooky creations for the season of witches, as well as several of their favorite pieces from Sims 4 Custom Content to get in the mood and best sims 4 mods to help you prepare for All Saints Day.

The stream Sims 4 Build-N-Share Challenge on The Sims Forums is a “Fall Designer Showdown” where the team urges players to share their spooky builds. The brief is simple – build a home for “some kind of occult often associated with creeps and Halloween: an alien, ghost, vampire, werewolf or witch”. The thread notes that you can choose just one or create for all. It must also be made around one of the many pre-made tower shells, which can be found on The Sims 4 Gallery under the Fall22 Designer Showdown, #bns166, and #fall2022 tags.

Players are already sharing their efforts – our personal favorite so far is a spooky caster mansion from creator Pammiechick. Many other players also shared their builds, with a wonderful Halloween dollhouse by Smidget1994 which uses the open designs of children’s playhouses and decorates each room with a distinctive spooky theme. Elsewhere, emere gets into the spirit of the season in a bit of a unique way by creating a steampunk graveyard.

You don’t need to be in a competition to get into the spirit…of the season, of course. Sims YouTuber RachelPedd has built a rather amazing Halloween themed apartment packed to the brim with Jack-o-Lantern-themed props, ghostly drapes, and plenty of orange and purple streamers. We would love to visit! MsGryphi came up with a classic abandoned haunted house design, and NicLastGame takes the approach of creating a house that doesn’t seem scary until you know the context, with a recreation of the home of the 1987 Halloween movie.

If you’re looking for spooky Sims to go along with these building ideas, why not take a look at meeshi’s Halloween Create A Sim special for wonderfully cool and spooky designs? Or if you fancy a more Necromorph-inspired look this season, fans noted that broken UV mapping on one base game sweater in particular was causing it to crumble. rather horrifying fashion.

Officially scared… 🫣 of the Sims

Since you can now get The Sims 4 free, there’s no better time to see what weird and wonderful things you can create. If you want to distract yourself from maintenance while waiting, earn infinite money and much more with our Sims 4 cheats. We also have a Sims 4 CC Guide teach you how to install The Sims custom content. Once you’re up and running, take a look at the best The Sims 4 Expansion Packs for some of the most fun ways to up your game.

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