‘The Sims 4’ Gives The Goth Family A Controversial Makeover

The Sims 4 Developer Maxis has given the game’s Goth family a visual update, though fans are split on whether the new look works.

Yesterday (May 25), Maxis shared a before-and-after clip to reveal a makeover for The Sims 4is the Gothic family.

“Grab the Fruitcake and Welcome Wagon – the new and improved Goth Family is now available with every new game start in The Sims 4,” Maxis announced.

While the free visual update adds more detail to the Goths, The Sims 4 fans met the makeover with mixed reception.

Some criticism has been leveled at the visual changes to Alexander Goth. Players noticed that he looked a lot less like the rest of his family as adults, but oddly enough, everyone’s version of Alexander didn’t grow up in the world. in the same way.

“He looks awful, I’m not going to lie,” one player said on Redditwhile another one sims fan said Maxis “obviously didn’t check out what the aged Alexander looks like.”

Gamers are also divided over Mortimer Goth’s new mustache. While some fans think it’s a better representation of the character’s inspiration – Gomez Addams – others say it’s a shame to cut the iconic facial hair he’s known for in the sims series.

Elsewhere, some players think Bella’s new dress is too far removed from its style in previous games. It’s not all negative, however – there are plenty of fans who are happy with the Goths’ new look.

“They look amazing, looks like their outfits have been updated too. People who prefer the old version can find them on the easy-peasy gallery, so everyone can be happy,” one commented. Reddit user.

The Sims 4. Credit: Maxis.

another player felt the samesaying “Did this come with the free update? They look fantastic. This version of the Goth family leans more towards their older look while still maintaining a unique TS4 character. Major improvement!”

While the gothic makeover may have met with mixed reception, the update also added three new building elements – the Chaise Magnifique chair, the Into The Moodlet lamp and the Table Magnifique – so hopefully that’s not all bad news for dissatisfied fans.

Yesterday (May 25), Maxis released a much more popular update that added customizable pronouns to The Sims 4.

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