The Sims 4 Gives NPC Households the Power to Make Big Decisions

The Sims 4 has updated the Neighborhood Stories system to give your neighbors and other idle sims more autonomy to make world-changing decisions.

One of my biggest gripes with The Sims 4 is that any sim that isn’t in your active household is completely lacking in personality or autonomy. They will grow old and die, but they do little to change the world around them. EA tried to make things a bit more dynamic with the Neighborhood Stories update, which lets you influence Sims to make important life decisions without directly taking control. However, this still requires a certain level of micromanagement which I don’t always want.

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Now a new update to the system will allow inactive sims to make big changes in their lives without requiring you to meddle in their lives first. They will be able to do important things like adopting pets and babies, becoming pregnant, changing careers, retiring and moving. They will also be able to die in a variety of accidents that will change depending on the sim’s age, traits, and career. It doesn’t matter whether or not your neighboring sims have a relationship with the active household, they will be able to make all of these choices independently.

Of course, if you’d rather have a little more control over how your saves go, EA has also added a variety of options to tweak the choices NPCs can make. In addition to being able to globally enable or disable the entire system, individual choices can be disabled. There’s also the ability to configure options per household if you want only some of your neighbors to be self-sufficient.

It’s nice to know that I can vary the level of chaos in each household. Sometimes I want meticulously crafted scenarios where I’ve already planned out each sim’s role, but it’s also nice to have things happening around me as I only focus on one household. I’ve largely given up on The Sims 4 lately – although I’ve returned to try out the painfully broken My Wedding Stories pack – but I know an update like this will have me saying “sul sul” again. Once.

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