The Sims 4 Gets Its Own Froggy Chair, Delighting Animal Crossing Fans

A piece of furniture in The Sims 4’s new Little Campers kit looks a lot like Animal Crossing’s iconic Froggy Chair, and it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.

Although the new kit won’t launch until later today alongside the Moonlight Chic kit, players have managed to data mining (opens in a new tab) all new items coming soon. Sure, there are loads of new decorative elements to look at, but only one is really standing – or should it be sitting? – above the lot: a frog-inspired chair.

Now, The Sims 4’s take on the iconic piece of furniture is more like a folding chair situation, but it’s definitely froggy; you have the different shades of green to accentuate a belly and, most importantly, a smiley face that makes up the top of a backrest.

Maxis is also quick to let you know that Little Campers has a frog-inspired chair. Each new piece of furniture in the kit is stamped with a logo inspired by the amphibian-based camping chair.

Either way, it didn’t take long for fans to notice the apparent Animal Crossing reference, and they’re thrilled. Twitter is full of memes and statements of joy, and we’re right there with them. Here are some of our favorite reactions we’ve seen.

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Like the life of Nintendo (opens in a new tab) rightly points out, both games have a lineage of featuring frog-inspired chairs. While Animal Crossing has stuck with the Froggy chair through many games, The Sims 3 has offered (opens in a new tab) a more basic piece of furniture for amphibian buttocks.

The Sims 4 Little Campers and Moonlight Chic kits are set to release today. Go get yourself a froggy folding chair, like a treat.

We don’t know if The Sims 5 will have a Froggy chair, but there are many other things we know.

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