The Sims 4 Gallery now cross-platform, available on consoles

Good news for anyone who plays The Sims 4 to actually build beautiful homes and not just trap your Sims in the ladderless pool: The Gallery is now cross-platform and available on consoles!

The Gallery is a way for The Sims 4 players, or Simmers, to share their homes, lots, and rooms for anyone to download and use in their own games. Now that it’s cross-platform, you can create a Sims family on PC and someone across the world can enjoy your home on their Xbox One.

Perhaps the best news is that the Gallery doesn’t require you to have a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership to access it. As long as you have a working internet connection and an EA Account, you can start creating and sharing.

If you’re playing on console, you’ll need to link your PlayStation Network and/or Xbox Live account to your EA account. You can find instructions on how to do this below:

  • First option: automatic
    • Start The Sims 4 and you should see a prompt to link your EA account to your corresponding console account.
  • Second option: manual
    • If you can’t find the invite or don’t receive the invite, just go to Game Options > Other. There you should find the option to link your account(s).

Linking your account will unlock Grim’s Macabre Guitar for your Sims to tear up in-game.

You can also disable cross-platform sharing if you wish. If you disable cross-platform play, you will only be able to see the creations of other Simmers on the same platform as you. So if you’re on Xbox One, you’ll only be able to see the creations of other Xbox One players. .

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You can also completely block the gallery if you don’t want to see someone else’s creations or share your own. If you block community creations, the Gallery will be inaccessible to you, but you will still be able to access My Library, which is your own personal, private library for all of your own creations in The Sims.

If you’re playing on console, you also won’t be able to access creations that used CC (Custom Content). PC and Mac users can continue to share CC creations as usual. Some creations may also be inaccessible if you do not have the corresponding DLC.

Now that you know all that, it’s time to build. Just make sure your version of The Sims 4 is up to date, link your EA account, and stay connected. You can also check out the latest console patch notes. here. Good game !

In related news, EA is looking for testers to help with The Sims 4. If you love The Sims and want to help improve future games, follow the embedded link and sign up.

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